We are becoming, slowly but surely, dog people.
I mean, I’m sitting here writing a blog post about her first haircut for crying out loud, and wondering how this happened!
Would have never thought in my wildest dreams we’d have a wild dog that we’d be falling in love with.
Some days.  Not all, but more than not these days:)
Anyway, Miss Bo Jangles was in need of a haircut.  

Really, we couldn’t figure out how she could even see through all that shag, but we kinda liked it, and we had seen her in the tub before…not the cutest thing without her fluffy hair I have to say!

But yeah, it was time.

Grace and I went to pick her up and laughed pretty hard when she popped up after waiting patiently for us looking like this:

They had turned her into a little cowgirl with her little bandana and it was so funny to actually see her eyes as she wagged her whole body in glee to see us.

It was National Sibling Day so these “siblings” were a pretty great pile of joy with their freshly groomed puppy to celebrate that night (according to them, Bo is their sister).

Good thing we have a puppy to fill up a teeny fraction of the “missing” of those other great siblings we sure miss over here!


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