I love Boston. I love the trees, I love the narrow, winding streets, I love the accent, I love the crisp air, I really love the fall colors, and most of all I love being with my amazing sisters and spending quality time with two of my daughters. Man it’s gorgeous out here. Today we went up north to see more Fall foliage (it’s not quite peak here in Boston) and then spent most of the day at Wellesley College. The reason we planned this trip in the first place is long and complicated, but two important factors are (1) Elle’s name is actually Wellesley. When I came back east years ago to go to Boston University my sister went to Wellesley (I had chosen the more urban, co-ed school over the more secluded, all-girls school) but right when I walked onto that Wellesley campus full of amazing “castles” and gorgeous rolling hills I decided I wanted to name one of my daughters after it. Seriously, pictures can’t do it justice…it’s so pretty. So Dave relented and let me name our first daughter Wellesley (she goes by Elle for short). So my two other sisters ended up going to Wellesley too, and the youngest is graduating at Christmas so I figured I better get my own Wellesley out to Wellesley before there was no longer anyone to visit! and (2) Max already got a special trip when he was nine with his Dad, so it’s Elle’s turn. Ok, I’ll add the third (3) I LOVE the East coast and I was starving for some Fall colors.

our drive up north…
niece & nephew Hazel & Charlie soaking it in…
at Wellesley College…Elle & Hazel…
Wellesley lamp post…
sweet baby Lucy…so tired but went along with everything without a fuss…a little nap on my shoulder
the best thing that happened today…my sister got her mission call. we were SO excited to be here with her! She’s the third out of nine in kids in our family to be going to London.

taking it all in…

Dave’s holding down the fort well at home. He went to all the kids’ parent/teacher conferences and is coping with Lilly the hamster starting to stink up the place and escaping twice from her cage. What a guy.

Part two of this trip is HERE.
and Part three (our road trip to NYC) is HERE.

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  1. The colors are amazing. It makes me miss CT. Is that Charity all grown up graduating from college and going on a mission???
    Wish I was with you, I love love love this time of year on the east coast.

  2. Oh I am sooooo jelous! i have been itching to go back east. I hope you have a great time! Tell Charity congrats that is so exciting. I cant believe the whole Eyre clan has been on a mission. Iam impressed. Tell your parents they are two great people. They have a lot to be proud of.

  3. Every time I think of Wellesley I want to kick myself for not taking my Mom’s advice and going there! Of course my life would be completely different, so I don’t want to wish anything away. My point is that it is beautiful. I love the east, I love Boston, and I’m so glad your having a great time.

    Just a quick question…did every one of you go on a mission? I know you, and Saydi did, but I’m not sure about Saren. Can’t wait to hear more details when you get back. Tell Saydi “hi” from me.

  4. yes Kara, Saren went to Bulgaria the same time I went to Romania…we went to the MTC the same day. Poor Charity had a lot of pressure after eight older siblings went, but she totally felt so great about it and it so excited.

  5. Wow, wow, wow! You gotta love those beautiful people and the beautiful handiwork of God as seen through the beautiful eyes of a gifted daughter!

    So interesting that you were also accepted at Wellesley but opted for Boston University and then named your daughter after Wellesley anyway!

    Thanks for the pics! See the Valuesparenting blog!
    Love you forever,

  6. Really not trying to be nit-picky, but Wellesley isn't a "girls' school," it' a "women's college." It's pretty offensive to call it a girls' school actually. I graduated last May and it was fantastic to see your lovely photos of my dear alma mater!

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