We arrived in Boston with A LOT of trouble…surprisingly not all of it was due to the feisty two-year-old we had in tow. We almost missed both connections (it’s the first time I’ve been paged to a flight because I was SO late that every single other person was boarded but us). We had to finagle around seats since we weren’t together (I was happy to let Lucy sit by some strangers but when they saw the fit she could throw as we made our way to the very back of the packed plane they jumped in quick as a wink to help us figure out how to sit together). I pulled my shoulder or rib out right before our trip so I literally couldn’t lift Lucy and because of it the fit she threw in front of the security as we had to take away first her stroller, then her blanket, then her baby was a sight to behold. She was bashing her head into the ex-ray machine because she was so mad I couldn’t hold her. Poor Max sat trying to cajole her through as they told him he had to stop and take off his shoes and sweatshirt too…I’m SO thankful Max was there!Ok, enough said on that. It was a mess and we were SO glad to get here. Then the actual trip to my sister’s house was another adventure. But on to the fun stuff. We have had the greatest trip. I only have a second right now but I just wanted to start…

Aside from snuggling up this baby and helping keep up the household around here Max and I have been able to sneak in a little bit of sight-seeing and soaking in Boston. I love showing Max my old stomping grounds. I love this city.

The very first night we got here after we got the kids and Lu settled in Saydi whisked us off to see Blue Man Group. I wish I could have captured the smile on Max’s face when he found out we were going. It was such a fun date!We were laughing SO hard with our ponchos on (some of the stuff they do splats out into the audience) and when all the paper was covering us (you have to see the show to understand). I just love being with my boy.
(Part 2 of this trip is HERE.)

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  1. What a fun date! People asked me how I could stand to fly all around the country in July with 3 kids, one of which was a newborn. I have flown enough with kids to know flying with a newborn was the least of my worries. Put her in my sling and no worries for hours. It is when she gets to be 14 months + that it gets ugly…

  2. Briggs, that was a perfect sum-up. I should just replace what I wrote with that! Now we’re gearing up for the big trip home. But we have enough great memories from here to make any craziness worth it!

  3. So glad you got to do the blue man thing. Ashton will be so excited to talk to Max all about it! I’m having a hard time focusing on regular life while my two sisters are together without me!!!! Hope you guys are having so much fun and i can’t wait to meet Emmeline – it’s killing me that I don’t even know when I’ll get to meet her.

  4. How Fun you guys!
    Hey check your email…trying to get in with you after the holidays…we will be there for a wedding…get back to me when you can 🙂 Thanks! Karen

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