We’re home safe and sound trying to hit the ground running to catch up again, and trying to scrounge up some Halloween costumes for parties that are now bombarding our calendar. I’m just going to write the segments of our trip when I get snippets of time here and there. Oh my word did we have a great time. I can’t even come close to expressing how amazing it was to spend time with so many people I love so much, see such amazing beauty and sights, snuggle two of my girls close, and learn from the outstanding examples of two of my sisters and two of my brothers (and a great sister-in-law and brother-in-law too). Dave took such great care of everything here. Among many other things while we were gone he set up this new system of keeping the kitchen clean and had so much fun with the three at-home kids (Denny’s, a movie, etc.) I wish I could have captured the hug Grace gave Elle when we got home. Man oh man it was like we had been gone a year. Heart melter.

Here’s the rest of Boston:

We had breakfast at this great place we had to wait in line forever to get into…was it worth it? Yes.
is my niece cute or what?
we walked up and down the old cobblestone streets on Beacon Hill
We walked through the Boston Public Gardens and took in the Boston skyline. I’ve spent so much time here in the past and it was so fun to share it with my girls and sisters.
We went to my favorite spot in Boston: Copley Square. I love it because I had to write a paper on the Hancock Tower (behind us below) when I went to BU and it made me fall in love with the place…especially how the new reflects the gorgeous old church in it. I love that it’s close to Newbury street too where we had a delicious Indian lunch.
We cruised by my old stomping grounds at Boston University. Yep, I did pick this place over the castles and beauty of Wellesley, but hey, it had boys and all the happening city stuff (note the construction), AND it had Fenway Park right next to it. See the lights behind us? It was so exciting to be in Boston when the Red Sox were winning the Pendant. Everyone in Boston is SO incredibly into the Red Sox it’s so fun. Everyone was decked out in Red Sox garb and announcers on the plane and the “T” (subway) gave us updates on game scores.we stopped by behind BU and watched the Head of the Charles (crew races)…that’s the Charles river behind these lovely ladies below…Elle loved the “T”Ok, all that was fun and grand, but I have to say the most exciting thing was that Elle (oops, I mean “Wellesely” as she claims she’d like to be called now) won the Wicked lottery!!!! I guess they save out 20 tickets each night to put in a lottery and if you win you can buy up to two tickets for 25 bucks each. 

My sisters and I put our names in, and they let Elle (I mean Wellesley) put hers in too. Man we were hoping with all our hearts to get in because Elle’s been really wanting to see it but we knew the chances were pretty low. But low and behold they drew Elle’s name out. We were all ecstatic. Elle tried to let Saydi go with her since Sayds hadn’t seen it before but my sweet sister declined and let me go. We sat in the very front row and I can’t even describe how much we loved it! We were on such a high.

The next day we went to Saydi’s ward and loved meeting some of the people who obviously adore her and her family, went to Cambridge and heard Charity give an astounding talk in her ward and hung around Harvard Square.

These are the steps at the Harvard Library…couldn’t resist jumping off them. Lucy loved it.

Then we were off for NYC…an exceptionally fun drive through the dark night with three kids crying most of the time. So much more to come on that whole half of the trip later. Gotta run pick up Claire from Joy School.

**note: I added a few more pictures to the last post now that I’m back to my own computer and I can navigate better. For some reason pictures keep disappearing. Is anyone else having that problem?

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  1. I know that this is so random, but I just had to comment. I linked to your blog from another one when I saw your last name. I was actually looking for Ryan and Laurie Driggs-to see if they had a blog (but apparantly not =(. I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I love your honesty in parenting and all your great advice and experiences. I also have 5 kids and can totally relate to the ups and downs. We just recently moved to park city and the preschools are out of control expensive, so I heard of Joy school and just signed up for it. I found the link from your blog to values parenting and just realized its the same joy school website and they are your parents-small world. If you talk to Ryan and Laurie, please tell them the Lomus say Hi. Thanks
    P.S. You have an adorable family and an amazing photography talent!!

  2. Looks like an absolute blast! I’m SO DARN GLAD that Wellesley got to see Wicked!!! What a great thing to happen on such a special trip. By the way, I never noticed how much you and Charity look alike. She’s adorable.

  3. Love all the photos and the happiness radiating from all you Eyre women! My sister and mom and niece are here in Philly this week and my husband is even noticing the glow 🙂 It’s so good to reconnect in person, isn’t it? Glad you’re safely home, and I’m jealous that you got to see Wicked! Way to go, Elle/Wellesley!

  4. Shawni…would you please photograph my kids? I can’t believe how amazing your pictures turn out. How about we strike a deal? We will pay for the Cozumel dives if you use your camera expertise on our family? Let me know…..I loved reading about your trip.

  5. Shelly, thanks for the comments…I’ll definitely tell Laurie & Ryan hello from you. I’m a little biased on the Joy School thing, but I think you would LOVE it. I really do. It’s harder than you think it’ll be to corral all the kids but there’s nothing like that time with your child to really be “with” them…and I love watching their interactions with their friends.

  6. What a fun trip. I love seeing all the pictures from it. Can’t wait to see you. We’re still coming on the 8th of November. Is it still okay to stay with you?
    Love ya!

  7. Shawni,

    This is Jessie Casillas from Arlington, Va (actually we moved to Ashburn now by Kory Brown…)
    I saw your blog link on Andrew and Elizabeth’s blog.
    I have to say I loved reading your stories! I can’t believe you have 5 kids now. They are so darling!
    Your stories made me laugh….
    My son would have died and gone to heaven to be that close to the Red Sox!
    I think the last time I saw you was in Homer Knudson’s office..or Camille’s Christmas party.
    Anyway it has been a long time.
    It is great to see all of your family and hear your stories!
    Take Care.
    Jessie Casillas

  8. Oh, you are minutes from me! Next time you come I am booking a photo shoot with you! Seriously. Or if I ever make it to AZ with all my family.

  9. I love/loved the Paramount too. They are great for both brunch, lunch and dinner–and it’s super casual. Great location too–you can’t beat Beacon Hill! When friends head to Boston, this is always in my top 5 list!

  10. Who knows if you’ll actually see this since it’s months after you posted…but you gotta love remembering Kenmore Square! I remember meeting you there on Sundays to catch the T to Harvard Square. I was in Boston last June and the T station still smelled the same. Yeah! Good times…

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