If you’re sick to death of my blabbing on about how much I love the desert, maybe go ahead and skip this post. Because this is going to be chock-full of some serious desert beauty.

You see, I got to go to the desert botanical gardens years and years ago when my sister was in town (back HERE), and I’ve wanted to go back ever since. So when this offer popped up to get there for a deal, I asked some friends to join me and we hopped on that little opportunity. It was winter, so all that blossoming goodness from last time was missing, (as was the blown glass artwork from Dale Chihuly), but to me it was still breathtakingly beautiful as we wove our way through the winding paths lined with every kind of desert jewel.

Right in the middle of it all there was this beautiful sculpture entitled “Wind” put together from all kinds of dried desert plants:

We took some time to admire it and went on.

This guy was perhaps my favorite:

…and actually deserves a closer look:

I am so amazed and energized by Mother Earth. It filled up my heart to be there wrapped up in deep conversation and draped in the beauty of surrounding us.

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  1. I enjoy seeing your little corner of the world since i doubt i will ever get to travel there! I live in the foothills of northern California where orchards are everywhere and we are famous for apple hill time period in the fall.

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