I’m so grateful Dave has his boy back.

Sometimes a dad just needs a boy to talk finance and sports and trash talk with.

There’s something just more whole for Dave when Max is around.

And it makes me so happy.

That is all.


  1. I'm just so curious how much Max grew while on his mission? He looks so much taller than Dave! Glad you're enjoying this sweet time reunited as a family!

    1. We totally thought he grew but according to our growth chart he didn't…still right at 6'7". Maybe we just forgot how tall that seems!

  2. Why is finance and sports only boy talk? So sad to see that coming from you as a mom of so many girls. What if he didn’t have a boy? Especially the finance part.. as a seasoned female investment banker and venture capitalist I face a male dominant world daily and go out of my way to mentor girls in this field and try and stop men stereotyping girls and women like this. When I see women stereo-typing in this way it definitely is a step backwards for all of us… generally love your blog, just disappointed by this especially the finance part.

    1. I totally get what you're saying…I didn't explain that very well. Dave talks to the girls about the same things but it's been so fun to see Max just eating it up, especially the finance stuff right now as he's setting off on his own. It's so fun to see him really put together all the things we've tried to drill into our kids for so many years…all about savings and 10-20-70 principle (talked a lot about here on the blog…one post is here: https://71toes.com/2012/11/a-money-system-that-works.html and there's another one to clarify here: https://71toes.com/2012/11/friday-q-money-and-savings.html). Dave always tries on the sports with the girls but Max seems to be a walking encyclopedia of sports and that's so fun for Dave.

  3. Shawni- thank you for praising the importance of a relationship between father and son. I’m sure your girls get the finance talks too, but a son that has a father he can look up to and learn from is priceless. We don’t give dads enough credit!

  4. Tabby – that is incredibly rude. I just took offense to the “dad needs a boy to talk finance..” part as it implies girls cant play that role for a dad. I think any girl, and any of Shawni’s girls, can too. Your comment is incredibly rude and stereotypes even more.

  5. Oh goodness!! I haven’t even been that long time of a reader and I can tell you that both Mom and Dad are talking finances with all their kiddos. I can remember a couple posts about teaching financial responsibility to all their kids (ones which I appreciated and have used in teaching my own children!)

    There’s something special about a father/son relationship (and same goes for mother/daughter relationships) and Shawni just mentioned some things they particularly enjoy talking about together. Good grief!

  6. I think that Max is just happening to talking finance right now because he is leaving the nest. Mission is over, marriage could really be at any time. Marriage often takes place during college after the mission. Although he has been an adult, finally he really now is an adult. Any finance talk with the girls at home would be very different because of age.

  7. Ok, I usually ignore most of your rude and pathetic comments, but attacking another persons child on their own blog is downright disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. You sit behind your little computer thinking you are so cool. You are not. You are mean. I hope it makes you feel good to know that. We try and teach our children about bullying , and being kind and here you are… everything but those things.

  8. Tabby is a troll and everyone needs to stop replying to its comments. It’s like that annoying brother that teases just to get a reaction. Let’s not give the troll responses anymore and the fun will be over for “Tabby”.

  9. It sounds like Max and his Dad like talking finance…that’s one of the things they have in common…could be weather or travel or gardening or model airplanes or…could be so many things the two of them have in common. Why is interpreted as “male dominance” and “stereotyping girls”? Baffles me completely.

    1. Not saying it's right, but I think the wording of "needs a /boy/" was what led some people to interpret it through the gender role lens. Again, not saying it's right, just trying to give some commenters the benefit of the doubt.

    2. Agreed, I said that wrong and I can understand how it may not have come across the way I intended. Thank you for all the kind comments above who helped clarify. Sometimes I need a little help especially when I'm trying to post quick thoughts. I love all the goodness out there to give me the benefit of the doubt!


  10. This post touched my heart deeply. I am around children daily whose fathers have chosen not to be involved in their lives. It is heartbreaking. When I saw the post of Max's homecoming, I cried like a baby, because of the love I witnessed within this beautiful eternal family.
    Last night a young man was in the ER as a suicide risk. He was arguing with his father saying, "You never pay attention to me!" "You come home drunk and are always drinking. Why do you think I always go into my room?!"

    I am GRATEFUL to see fathers pay attention to their children–and talk to their children about finances, sports, or ANYTHING! I am GRATEFUL for father's who make their children feel important, cared for, and loved. I am GRATEFUL for fathers who take seriously the role of being a father. I am GRATEFUL for Dave's example as a loving and involved father. I am GRATEFUL Dave and Max have a special father/son bond. It makes my heart so happy to see this! The world would be a different place if every child had a good man to look up to!

    Keep shining your lights!
    Love your AMAZING family.

    1. Thank you for adding this beautiful perspective, and poignant example, Lisa. I join you in your father gratitude. I'm so grateful for Dave and all the dads out there who care and push and love and protect, each in their own ways.


  11. Just because Shawni was saying that her husband and son enjoy talking about certain things DOESNT mean that she said that her husband and her girls don’t ever talk about those type of things. Why do people find offense SO EASILY???

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