We had a lot of hoopla going on at our house with Dave’s family on December 31st.

The pandemonium began after the adults went out to dinner and to a comedy club (which were both delightful, but not very picturesque).

Everyone went and grabbed their kids from their babysitters and we all met up to bring in the new year together.

It started out with a lot of eating:And games:

Dave was a great master of ceremonies once he got his groove on.
Then the real party began when the clock struck twelve.(Excuse my blurry photography…trying to get used to a new flash.)

This is how Lucy brought in the new year…she couldn’t quite hack staying up.
Welcome 2011!

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  1. Maybe I wish one of my children had brought in the New Year like Lucy did. My 2-year-old! Instead, he ran around the house like a mad man until 2 in the morning.

    Lucy is so sweet!

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