Dave’s sister Julie and her husband Seth come to town now and again.

And every time they do, they bring a party along with them.


I mean, it’s funny how so many of the rest of us live here in the desert, and sure, we get together as much as we can, but something changes when Julie is the organizer:)

It was their spring break last week. We got together for Grace’s turn in the post mission “hot seat” after conference (back HERE).

We gathered here again the night after that gathering and had pizza and watched college basketball finals:

…and also played pickleball:

We watched cousin sports:

We impromptu gathered for dinner:

We went to the lake for the first time of the season:

I marveled at how much I love that green-colored lake (!) and how much I love watching my girls surf out there:

(Grace was SOOOOO excited to get back to the lake, it’s her very favorite.)

And marveled at how lucky we are to have these grand cousins we love so much.

And so many more!

I always have to take a picture of my fav. mountain en route home from the lake:

More pickleball, this time with 80-year-old recently-post-back-surgery Papa on the court:

Oh I sure love him!

Lucy was excited for cousin games, of course:

On that last night of a week full of fun, we sat around the kitchen island talking late into the night with all the in-laws while Grace baked us some cookies:).

Love this family I got to marry into.

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