I just re-listened to our most recent podcast episode (that was published yesterday) in preparation for the one we are recording tonight.

The episode is called “Broaden: Sharing our Passions,” and it is the first of a pair of podcasts to explain our family motto growing up:

“Broaden and Contribute”

We talked about our “first version” of a family motto (“give joy & help others”) which was incorporated into our “family flag:”

(Yep, we had one of those puppies.)

And then through the years that motto shifted to become “Broaden and Contribute.”

(Saren and I had that fancy calligraphy made as a gift for our parents one Christmas when we were both working in Washington D.C…it obviously sure meant a lot to us even way back then!…much more about this motto as well as our own family motto back HERE.)

As I listened to that podcast I was so overcome with gratitude first of all for those wise and articulate and good sisters of mine who I get to talk with each week as we record and remember all kinds of funny things from our growing-up years, but also for this concept of “BROADENING” our minds that our parents worked to instill in us.

We have to broaden our minds every day, right?

I love that Charity brought up the fact that this “broadening” exercise is so especially important today as we are bombarded with different thoughts and opinions from so many different directions. How important it is for us to try to see things from others’ perspectives!

Because really, we are all in our own unique “bubbles,” whatever they may be.

We see life as we are.

And sometimes that makes it difficult to see life from where others are.

We talk about lots of other things our parents did to help us broaden our minds, including exposing us to art, and music (their favorites), and experiencing different cultures.

Those were their passions that have bceome ours as well.

Everyone has such unique things to share, your “family broadening” may look completely different from ours, but we’re all trying to do it in our own ways, right?

So go listen to the podcast (HERE), and come add your own comments on our Instagram (HERE), because it’s so great to hear from others. We want to build a community of like-minded mamas, and we’d love your input on what YOU do to broaden your own mind as well as helping your children to broaden theirs.

We have so much to learn from each other!

Sending out lots of love from my “bubble” to yours!

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  1. I listened to all of the podcasts yesterday on my 9hr drive and time flew!! It was at great!!!
    I can’t wait for you guys to do the one with the Q & A

    1. I love what I have read so far of the new guidelines. Lucy and I are planning to read through it in detail today! I loved Elder Uchtdorf’s talk explaining the changes. So beautifully said. ❤️

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