In November Dave took me to Mexico.

Cabo San Lucas to be exact.

With some of our favorite friends:

I hesitate to even write about it because, well, it was pretty amazing.

But when your friends can get accommodations like this:
With this view:
…and this kind of service:
for free… and they invite you to come along, what are you supposed to do?

We hung out at our house and at the close-by Sheratin (where a couple of the couples stayed):

And on the beach:
These boys were just like kids trying to body surf. Body surfing is one of Dave’s fav. hobbies, so he wasn’t complaining.
We also spent some good time in our local Mexican Wal-Mart which produced some pretty funny moments…but I’ll spare you the details.
We walked around this beautiful harbor a few times:
We all packed into this sweet van to cruise around:
We found some very good Mexican food:
…but my favorite meal consisted of some authentic Mexican tacos we found in a little make-shift local restaurant right by the marina. Mmmmm.
On the last day, we went down to the harbor to try to find someone who would take us out deep-sea fishing.

We hit the jack-pot.

This guy took us to see Lover’s Beach:…and then on to the great, wide ocean.

The coolest thing was that the driver and his helper spotted a huge marlin (they claimed it was 140 pounds…how they would know that I have no idea).

Did you know that you just follow those babies to fish for them? Yep, I didn’t know that. Too bad it didn’t end up being hungry enough to take the bait, but man oh man we were excited about the “hunt.”
…and about the gorgeous sunset:The next morning we left this gorgeous spot:…and came home to these happy kids…with their amazing Aunt Charity who had stayed with them and gave them one heck of a fun time.
Thanks Char! We miss you!

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