We left on the 4th of July for our first family trip to California.

Each day about a hundred times I decided we need to move there. The weather is perfect, the beach is never-ending entertainment, the lighting is gorgeous, the people are friendly…I was in my own little California dreamland until we were on our way out of town and suddenly stopped dead-still in the middle of the freeway along with tens of thousands of other cars (in both directions)…notorious L.A. traffic. As we inched our way along it took three hours to go 22 miles.

Needless to say my living-in-California dreams were shattered as my husband vowed he’d never go back. I’m sure I can work on that over the next year so we can at least make another summer trip there, but I’m with him that traffic is awful, especially with five hungry kids packed in your car. We really did have a great time though. We went with two other families…six adults and 14 kids between us, so you can paint your own picture in your mind of the chaos and fun those numbers added up to.
Now we are up at Bear Lake. The kids and I dropped Dave off at the airport in Vegas on the way up so he could get back to work and headed to St. George to hang out with my sisters, and then came on up here. Man we love it here and although it’s still hot, you can’t beat a good 20 degrees cooler than back at home.

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