So, here’s the scoop about this great Motherhood retreat my sister is putting on in a week and a half:

1) It is such a great opportunity to step out of your life and think about what your own best kind of mom is, and how to achieve that more fully. (What a great gift you would be giving not only yourself but your family too).

2) It will take place in a gorgeous place (click here if you don’t believe me).

3) If you go to this link, you’ll get the special “friends and family discount.”

Oh man, I wish I could go.

Instead, I will be hosting a computer booth for 300+ cub scouts to help them earn their belt loops and academic pins in a small, confined room…

I’m just saying…if given a choice, this retreat just may win out.

But since there’s no choice in the matter (and I do love those cub scouts)… I just want to spread the word for others to enjoy: this retreat sure would be fun. And relaxing. And rejuvenating. And inspiring.


  1. I know, I wish I could go too!! My girlfriends and I tried to make the stars align…but no such luck. :(. It was fun to talk to you about it, though. Im totally sold and I'm hoping to make it happen next time. Darcy

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