Note: I wrote this post before yesterday when I got a gift that changes my perspective a little bit…but I still wanted to post this because I’d still love to get a little feedback on it…

So here you go:

I’ve been wanting and saving up for a new camera for a long time.

I mean, I ADORE the camera I have now (D200) like it’s one of my kids, but I want to take things to the next level.

I know it’s frivolous since I’m not even doing photography right now…and who knows when I’ll pick it up again. I have to get through the maze of doctors and research and figure out how to get my pantry filled with whole grains and gluten-free stuff first. Then I need to teach my family to actually like all that jazz before I can even think about professional photography again.

And although I’m totally ok with that, I still adore photography. It is still part of me and I really want to make an investment in a full-frame camera. Hey, I still have kids to document, right?

I’m trying to figure out if I’m a fair-weather camera brand girl.

I’ve always been a Nikon girl through and through.

I can’t even get rid of my old film Nikon (with which my love affair with photography started) for crying out loud. I adore that camera.

But I have a confession:

I’m tempted to switch to the Canon dark side.

You see, they have this really amazing full-frame camera with all the bells and whistles including video capabilities….for the same price.

Really, am I a videographer? No way.

But I think I’d like having that little option.

And Nikon doesn’t have it.

I know all my Nikon dials and whatchamacallits blindfolded. How tough would it be to switch over to a Canon and re-train myself?

I’ve read all the comparisons and I’m just as confused as ever.

Hmmm. I feel like a traitor for even thinking this way…

Any tips from photographers out there?

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  1. Happy Birthday Shawni, sorry I am late…but better late then never…I guess. Loved all the post about you from your sweet family. All 100% right on about you. You are the best. xoxox

  2. Shawni,

    I don't have any tips for a camera, but I do for a gluten-free house. Ellie has celiac, and it's been a hard transition – mainly because wheat is in everything. I have some tips, so I should email you or email me. See if there are any bakeries/stores in the area that are gluten free (we have a few here that I can tell you about when you come to Ogden). It's really saved my life. I also have a few brands I know are really good (of gluten free stuff) – pasta that isn't gummy tasting, etc.

    Have a great day!


  3. i used to sell cannon and nikon! i think they are both amazing. we own all cannon…LOVE cannon. you can go to cannon and be just as happy, i promise. so just choose the one i said the most in this comment. 🙂 good luck

  4. I'm not a super photographer at all but here are a couple of blog posts from people whose photography I love that give me good reasons to switch from Canon to Nikon:

    I think Nikon's focusing system is better in the full-frame cameras. I think you should hold out for the new version of D700 that's rumored to be coming soon. 🙂

  5. Not sure if you know but there is a new gluten-free store by Mountainside fitness off of Val Vista and the 202. By the hospital. I heard they have really good stuff! P.S. I love my cannon!

  6. It's like choosing between the Mercedes and BMW…right? You will probably be happy with either. I'm a Nikon girl, but know lots of people happy with their Canon's too. Happy Birthday!

  7. Well, I am a NIKON girl through and through, had all the NIKON stuff, film wise. BUT then 5 years ago, my bil's and sil's bought me the Canon digital rebel, I still wasn't convinced until I got the 30D and now have the 5D and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! although with the 5d, there is a learning curve, it doesn't have a built in flash (although maybe the new one with the built in video does?) I don't use flash though unless it's the external one anyway. it's soooooooo much easier to use a Canon now for me than a Nikon. Maybe I am just used to it though. it didn't take LOng! LOVE LOVE Canon!!! But I still love Nikon too. I do feel like my friends Nikon digital camera has a yellow tint to all her pix (she agrees with me, but I am not sure if that's her settings or what, cause your pix look AMAZING!!).
    maybe borrow someones first for a day?! tara

  8. I used to have a Canon and now I have the Nikon and I love it. I have the Nikon D90 and the video is amazing. I love not having to switch back and forth for video options. Good luck!

  9. I'm really no help because I'm a Canon girl, more by default than anything else just because I've never shot with a Nikon (as evidenced from our photoshoot last week!). I'm hoping to one day get my hands on a Canon 5D, but that might be a long time in the future.

    Which begs the question…..what is the gift you got that changed your perspective?! If you are in need of a partner in crime, call me!

  10. Shawni- Photography is my passion and I LOVE Canon. I am trying to save up for the 5D Mark II. Go for it…I have a feeling you won't regret it. Just look at it like you are expanding your horizons! 🙂

  11. so i got the canon 5D Mark II for christmas and LOVE it. then last week my 6 year old dropped it (i had it on a high book shelf and he climbed up to get something else and….it fell 6 feet onto the hardwood floor….and cracked). I died. but canon fixed it for us. and amex covered the cost, so all is well. and i love it again. i've always been a canon fan though…..

  12. Shawni….I started on Canon and then went with Nikon which I have never regreted. I started with the D70 then got the D200 and now have the D700. I have not done a session with the 700 yet but I am doing a mentoring session with a photog that I love in a few weeks and she shoots with the 300. Her pictures (coloring) are amazing. I don't think you can go wrong but if you have Nikon and the lenses it would be cheaper to stick with it. Rumor has it that a D700s or D8 or 900 will be coming out in the fall.
    My most favorite photogs that I admire are Nikon shooters…angie monson, tiffany burke, jessica kettle, vanessa millecam. I've heard and read the Nikon shoots with a warmer tone and canon shoots naturally with a more cooler blueish tone. I think it's also really in if you know how to spot meter and expose properly.

    I *adore* Jasmine Starr and she is Canon which made me think I might want to switch but then I went with the D700 and I'm "pleased as punch" (got that from you). It does not have a video capacity though.
    Check out the D5000, I 've also read that maybe it isn't capatable with all nikon lenses.
    Ok I am starting to sound like I really know a bunch….I've done a little research. Go shoot with both of them and then make your decision.
    Let's Face it….you will take phenomenal shots with either brand….can't wait to see!!

  13. Shawni- for what it's worth I shoot canon. I have the 5D mark ii. I assisted at a wedding this fall and the professional videographer kept borrowing my camera because he couldn't get over the HD video. He said his equipment that cost about 5 times my camera couldn't compete with my camera, which is great for him, but I'm a photographer, not a videographer. I'm actually thinking about purchasing the D3- not the new one with the video capacity- to see for myself the canon v. Nikon difference and what I think. I have to say, I don't know how anyone can shoot with the magnification factor after shooting full frame again. Good luck with whtever you decide!

  14. Don't do it. I just switched from Canon to Nikon. Canon disappointed me over and over again on colors and low light results. Now, maybe you're getting a camera that is just way above what other Canon's I've tried, but most people who've tried both have agreed with me that Canon's colors can't touch Nikon's.

  15. I love reading your blog. Mostly I love your photography. The 6-year-old photo shoot of Claire was amazing. Do you have a lens that is your favorite, go-to lens for shoots like that? Just getting into photography and wanting to acquire the right equipment. Thanks.

  16. Shawni, I was always a Nikon girl, too. All my film days were done with my Nikon. But when I went digital I switched to Canon. I've been happy. I think great photos come from both Nikon and Canon. But really, It's the photographer that makes the image great.

  17. Don't know much about the canon, but we tried the gluten free thing for my son for a little while. You may already know, but Walmart has now started carrying a line of premade gluten free mixes -muffins, cakes, french bread, pancakes, and some other basics. I'm a batter licker and it just doesn't taste right at first, but once you cook them, they are not bad. It kind of has more of the multi-grain texture, which it should since it is not refined flour! My friend's whole family is allergic to gluten and she recommended this book to me, Gluten-Free Baking Classics by Annalise G. Roberts. And in case nobody warns you, after about 2 months you start to have gluten withdrawls and once you get past it it gets better! Good luck with it all. Oh, and there are a ton of resources out there and a lot of restaurants that have gluten free menus now.

  18. For Christmas I got the Cannon 5D Mark II. I LOVE IT! I was shooting with ND70 and needed to upgrade. Went back and forth between Nikon D700 and Cannon 5D II. The focusing thing had me worried but I talked and talked to Cannon and they swear they have fixed the problems with this new camera. Anyway, so far so good! I do love it though. Now if I could just have enough time to post some with my new camera on my blog! I will get around to it..I am just catching up from November and December pictures…grrrr. Hope you had a great birthday. I had one too on the 19th. Yeah for January birthdays!!! Go Cannon Girl..

  19. Thought you were confused before?! 🙂 I don't think you can make a WRONG choice here, each brand and each camera within that brand has it's strengths and weaknesses. I think it's best to focus your research on the facts- what features the cameras you are deciding between offer and leave out. Everyone's opinions will leave you with your head spinning, while focusing on the facts will help you make an informed decision, that won't leave room for surprise or disappointment. The best thing would be to rent or borrow someone's camera and decide for yourself. Good luck! I'm excited to find out what you decide and here how it goes.

  20. I Love your blog:-) Anyway on Gluten free info, I have an AMAZING friend here in PHX and she has Quinoa (red and white, and other gluten free grains (cheaper and better quality that the stores) She is a distributor through Wheat Montana. Even though my kids don't have any gluten problems, they love the Quinoa and other grains we cook with. She also teaches classes called "WOW cooking" Word of Wisdom cooking. Shoot me an email if you want more info:

  21. I just upgraded my Canon 5D to the 5D Mark ii. It was a serious upgrade! The performance at high ISOs is amazing. I haven't used my external flash at all since Christmas and love the results (the Mark ii doesn't have a built-in flash). I'm amazed at how well it performs in low-light.

    I've been using a Flip Mino for video, which is handy, but not as handy as the video on my camera. I love having it in one place, and the quality is super amazing.

    The files are gynormous, so I take all of my photos on "Medium" and they are plenty big enough for everyday needs.

    I've never used Nikon, but hopefully this is helpful anyway.

  22. shawni I have the same discussion with myself all the time. I mean ALL THE TIME! most of my favorite photographer use canon so i think i get a little canon envy the mark2 is amazing, is that what your looking at? yeah that is a tempting camera. my thing is replacing the lenses I already bought for my nikon. I am also stumped. can't wait to see what you choose!

  23. I can't believe someone suggested that you are choosing between BMW and Mercedes, because Mercedes is MUCH MUCH better than BMW. That's not even a contest.

    I think you should wait. I have video on my new regular SLR (Canon T1I with HD Video) and it is so fun to have the video, but it still easier to just use a Mino Flip for most video with the kids. But the reason I think you should wait is because that every two months that you wait, the price goes down and the options get better. Plus, if you go Canon, you will have to get all new lenses and everything, and that is always a pain.

    Instead, spend the money to come visit us! Or to go to Australia. Better go now before the whole continent burns up.
    Just come see us.

  24. I don't recomend buy a camera with video because dont have the features to make a good video you know? some cameras dont let you make zoom, paning etc while are recording, i bougth one for my birthday you know oh my god 2 things with price in one, because really rigth now i dont use the video because the camera take a well video but not a great video the wonderful features to my camera photo are amazing but for the video its only a video cam dont use the filters, really i see a big diference in my shots from the video…, invest in a great camera, features nice, very well pixeles, if you can afford maybe interchange lenses for shots large wide or zoom lenses or a large distance too… digital cam of course, if you are a fan video get a nice video cam .. if you are a fan of photos get a great cam…

  25. Please post which
    Canon you purchased. I'm struggling with whether to do the opposite switch and go from a Canon to a Nikon. Every Nikon user I know has criper, clearer pictures than my Canon.

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