In answer to many questions about the candy bar game from a few posts ago, here it is: (and I take no credit since it’s a total tradition from my husband’s family).

You just buy as many candy bars as there are kids (and/or adults) to play the game.

(KEY: they should ALL be different, and you MUST make sure to set up the ground rules that no one is allowed to cry if they don’t get what they want, and that they will only get to leave the game with one candy bar…puts a stop to much drama.)

Place the candy bars in the middle of the table.

Each player rolls two dice when it’s their turn.

If they roll doubles or a seven or eleven, they get to take a candy bar and hide it under the table.

After all the candy bars are gone, players keep rolling the die for a specified amount of time (depending on how quick you want to end the game). Each time a player gets doubles, seven or eleven, they get to “steal” a candy bar from someone else. BUT they have to remember who has which candy bar. If they request a candy bar from someone who doesn’t actually have that particular bar, they have to give up one of their own.

Make sense?

In the end, we make sure everyone really gets a candy bar so no one goes to bed crying their eyes out.

Mmmm. Makes me hungry.

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  1. Thank you. I have been waiting on this post! We will play it at the beach this year. Knowing us, we'll have a big argument…no matter WHAT the rules say!!! I have never heard of doing this, but I LOVE it!!

  2. Sounds like yummy fun! We are certainly going to play this game when my big kids are home! Ashley and Carly will be like,"No – I didn't have one yet" …with chocolate on their faces!

    I made the kids play petals on the rose last Christmas. They did not find it anywhere near as much fun as my students did. Of course my "kids" are 29 and 25! I love playing this thinking game – can't wait for my new kids to play! (You can only play it once)

  3. Sounds like so much fun. We have played a similar, stealing candy bar type game, but it was a get to know you. Super fun, but I think next time we'll try this idea. Hope you are having a super time in Idaho!

  4. This article was super helpful! I’ve been looking for tips like these, and your writing style made it a breeze to read. Can’t wait to implement these ideas.

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