Lucy doesn’t eat candy. We just figure if she doesn’t know about it, why introduce it?

Cookie dough, on the other hand, isn’t so easily kept from our girl. She knows that big silver Kitchen Aid bowl holds some precious, delicious goods most days. And she finds that bowl no matter where we try to hide it.

Candy? Well, that’s another story. Because for some reason she hasn’t figured out what those colorful wrappers hold inside them.

Until last week at the bank.

The teller gave us one too many suckers for the amount of pre-school carpool kids in the car when I went through the drive-thru.

And those sweet, caring kids determined that Lucy should get the extra one.Thanks guys.

Now her t-shirt she happened to be wearing that day is true. It says “Candy Makes Me Happy” and it was too cute to turn down at the Gap Outlet last week. I mean, who doesn’t get a big grin across their face when they see a chubby two-year-old in a shirt that says some mumbo jumbo about how much they love candy across the front of it?…even if that same two-year-old doesn’t even eat the stuff.

Let’s check that out a little closer:There we go.

Now that she’s tasted the sweet nectar there’s no telling what trouble we’re in for.

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  1. Shawni – I had to comment on this! Let alone you named a blog title after me (he he), I bought that same shirt for my niece, Hazel, last year! I love it – and of course when she wears it she thinks of her Aunt Candy, not just the food 🙂 Good luck with sweet Lucy and the treats!

  2. I think that child is even more adorable with candy in her hand…how could that be? Candy or not she is one lucky girl!
    Tell her that her Grammie loves her!

  3. Those skiing pictures are to die for. I can’t wait for my kids to be able to experience that fun!!
    The Pothier family is so beautiful. I had fun looking at all of those family pics. Is Steve not married? I graduated with him. WHAT A GREAT GUY!

  4. Shawni!!! Just got my Deseret Catalog/Mailer today…
    Woo hoo! I see your book. I am so excited for you. Can’t wait to buy it. Way to go! …Love the cover too! 🙂

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