I went through a lot of old e-mails last month.

Anyone who knows me knows I am HORRIBLE with e-mails.

But I’m changing my ways.

Really, I am.

But for now I want to write a little note about my temple prints (the ones I wrote about clear back here.)

Because when I was going through my e-mails I found four or five people I never even replied to when they asked for details. (Sorry!!)

So, I’m writing this here to say that anyone who asked and may have slipped through the cracks, please e-mail me again and I promise to get back to you asap.

And also, I have one more print I can add to the selection available that one of my old Young Women reminded me I have:(Rexburg)

There you go.

Now I feel much better.


  1. First off, I read your blog OFTEN and just love the sweet spirit that you radiate. I feel uplifted and encouraged every time I read your blog.

    When I read this post I thought you and your readers should know about an awesome deal on canvas prints I found out about through http://sisterstuff.blogspot.com. You should check it out!

    Last thing… are your temple pictures for sale. I love the pictures of the SLC temple! You are so very talented!

    Jen (jennifer_claunch9 at hotmail.com)

  2. I have to echo the previous comment. I read every day, too and am completely inspired by what you have to share. One of the things I have tried to do better that I read here was to LISTEN better. I try to look in my children's faces when they speak and really hear them. I feel so much better about our relationship when I do this. THANKS!! I even used the picture of your dad LISTENING in a RS presentation I did in our Ward. So they thank you, too. HAHA

    So about the prints. I would love a copy of the SLC temple with the branches in front. The abstract one. I would love to purchase one and would like it rather large. Let me know what I need to do.

    Thanks so much for everything!

    Andrea @ zack6mom@aol.com

  3. I also really enjoy your blog! you are so uplifting and inspiring (im even working on my camera skills)! I also would like to purchase a copy of the temple if you are selling them. When you get a chance just let me know at

  4. Hi Shawni! I've been reading your blog for a while. Your temple prints are beautiful. Any chance that you have Manti or St. George? Let me know, I'd love to buy one if you do!

    P.S.- Beyond thrilled that you are going to be speaking at TOFW this weekend in Vegas. I will be there with bells on to hear you speak, you are such an inspiration! 🙂

  5. I am also a huge fan of your blog and always feel uplifted and compelled to be a better mom after reading your blog!! I was also wondering how to purchase your temple prints. As the first comment mentioned, there is a great deal on a canvas print that is available right now and I would LOVE to print one of your beautiful temple photos on the canvas. Is that possible? If you wouldn't mind letting me know that would be great. Hillary at hillandluke@yahoo.com

  6. i'm guilty of being a lurker…i read your blog all the time after finding it on someone's else. and i love it! i just had my first child and you are such an example to me of how i want to live and raise my family.

    im interested in your Rexburg temple print, since i live in the burg'…could you tell me how much they are? what sizes it comes in?

    on a random, crazy sidenote…from looking at your pictures i realized your in-laws are in my ward here in rexburg (your mother-n-law is one of the nicest women i have ever met) and your dad was MY dad's mission president in London. And apparently my parents rented and lived in their house in virginia for a year?? i get kind of lost when they explain it to me…(my dad is telling me right now that his mission zone played the office zone in basketball and was the only zone to ever beat them…funny)

    let me know about the rexburg print and thanks!


  7. At least I'm not the only stalker!!! I love to read about your family and look at your pictures. Even your "snap shots" are beautiful.
    My in-laws served on Temple Square and she is putting a blub book together of their adventures. Would it be possible to purchase one of your SLC Temple pictures and digitally download it and put it on the book's cover? They are so simple and…perfect. If not, no problem.
    Thanks so much,
    Brynn B5dance@gmail.com

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