We took down our Christmas cards last week and now it sort of feels like we just moved in to this house…the kitchen looks so empty.

Dave usually conducts an on-going contest with the kids through December to see which Christmas card should be the “winner” for that particular year.

This year there really couldn’t be a winner because there were so many great ones.

I snapped some pictures of some of our favs. on my way out the door to the airport last week:

This family always does something clever…
one side:other side:I love the colors in this one:I love having our friends surround us in December.

And in January I love having such a clean look in my kitchen when we clear things out.

We cut the cards down to size and put them into photo books.
Then we pull them out each year to reminisce.
Have I mentioned I love Christmas cards? Have I mentioned that I’m promising myself I’m gonna start early next year (just like I do every year?)

Many people asked where we got ours printed so they were cut out like they were. I ordered them from a lab called Miller’s Professional Imaging.

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  1. You sure do receive alot of cards!! =) I love your idea of placing the picture cards in a photo album! I save mine bc I can't bear to throw any of them away but didn't know what to do with them! This is a perfect idea!!

  2. i love this! i'm always scouring photo sites for inspiration…..i would love to know where some of those were printed! 🙂 we keep ours in gallon ziplocs….ummm…a photo album is WAY more pretty. 🙂 which one do you use?

  3. can you order those cards from Miller if you aren't a member? If not is there someone you order through. I would really like to get the luxe cards for my daughters baptism invitations….thanks!

  4. I have years of cards piled up in zip lock bags. The pictures are just too precious to throw away! How about you come and organize them…in your spare time!

  5. i love love love christmas cards too! i like that brady bunch spin off:) that one's my fav of yours. (and p.s. i just facebooked your mormon.com video and made my own profile – up for inspection/approval.) my mom's on the stake social networking team, but it took your post to get me to do it:)

  6. I am curious about your album too! What a great way to store your christmas cards 😉

    PS: I realized that I have the book you and your mom wrote – great book. Love your blog 😉

  7. We have been known to put cards in a basket and pray for the senders, one each day after the holidays are over.
    It would take a long time for folks who get as many as you all, though!

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