I have some big stuff to post about hopefully tomorrow, but since I’m having trouble getting all the pictures situated for that, for now let’s go back to one of my favorite nights of the quarantine, when every one of our kids were here and someone had the grand idea to have a “casino night.”

Now, I’m not sure what the true definition of a “casino night” really is, but ours was a fancy dress-up game night. Someone mentioned the idea at dinner a couple nights before and Lucy, our game girl, bought into that thing hook, line and sinker. (Well, everyone did for that matter. What a better way to break up the monotony of the days starting to melt together?)

At Lucy she wasn’t too excited about the “dress up” part of the idea, but then she remembered she had her choir dress sitting there in her closet that would be perfect for the big night. When we painted nails for fun the night before she wanted to make sure the color she was choosing was perfect for Casino Night. And yes, it sure was.

Everyone sorted all our old dresses and fancy stuff we have packed away and we found it: the perfect ensemble.

Luckily Max had an old jacket here, Carson borrowed one from Dave (since he came with only enough clothes for a few days), I wore the dress Elle had worn to Max’s wedding, Elle wore one of my old dance dresses, Abby wore a wedding dress from Good Will that Elle had tried out for her own wedding gown, Grace and Claire came up with some other get-ups from the closet, Lu had her choir dress and Dave looked pretty dapper in his old tuxedo that had been gathering dust.

Dave was the MC and we played every game he could come up with all night long, complete with sparkling cider.

A fun memory intermixed into the quarantine.

Love this family more than I can say.

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  1. Hi, Would you mind telling me the dimensions of your outdoor sundance room? Thank you soo much. Trying to plan something similar.

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