Ok, get ready for a little bit of carpel-tunnel in your wrists because I have ten things to back up and catch up on. Sorry but it’s stuff I like and I want to remember!

1) My mom came to visit. She came specifically for the Vision Walk but we filled her time with a bunch of other stuff too.

We spoke together at an American Mothers event. There was such a wonderful group of women there and it’s always kinda fun to speak if it’s with my dear mother.
This is the board along with the two Mothers of the Year from here (second from the left and second from the right):

Much to Grace’s delight my mom was able to see a soccer game.
…and help keep the house clean and cook and run everyone everywhere.
Thanks Mom!

2) Dave’s mom came for a visit too.
She took Claire out for a late birthday pedicure (that’s what Claire finally decided to use the b-day money she gave her on). She hung out with us a few other times in the midst of spreading herself between her four childrens’ families who live here.
We love Nana so much!

3) My dear friend Ann-Marie who went on study abroad with me to Jerusalem came for a visit with her sweetest little baby Ruby.
We had such a good time catching up.

4) My dad came for a visit.
I’m well aware this is a funny picture of him, but it’s the only one I got…he likes to sit and do his work by the pool and have the kids come out and hang with him. They adore it and so do I when he can pull me away from laundry or cooking to come have a “sit” for a while.

5) The girls learned awesome new stuff at gymnastics.

6) Elle and her friends made some creative posters…and came up with some creative hats for “hat day” at school.

7) Elle and her dear friend came up with 32 new ways to be entrepreneurs. (Not really but seriously these two are always up to something new and exciting and creative…thanks Hannah for being such a great influence on Elle!)

8) These girls raised like $8 to help blind children.
Whew, now there’s for sure a cure in sight! I’m kidding…I was so proud of them for trying their best to earn some money to help others. (And have to say Grace doesn’t usually dress with high socks and short shorts…she was just ready to go to soccer…love the soccer ensemble with soccer on the bottom half and a totally normal shirt on the top.)
9) Elle and her friends did a bunch of photoshoots. Man they are getting good with the camera don’t you think?! These next ones are all their pictures.

This is my new fav. of Elle. Thank you to whichever one of you girls took this one!

10) Lucy mothered every doll she could find.
Ok, last one but I can’t leave out soccer!
11) Elle loves night games.
…and so do the girls on the sidelines.

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  1. Shawni
    I just read your book again. I find something new that I missed the last time everytime I read it.
    Love your photos, that Lucy is a peach. Your dad needs some sun screen OUCH!

  2. I love your picture, "learn, work, serve, respect" that you have framed above your fireplace. Did you have that made or find it somewhere? I would love to get it for our family room.
    PS – I am a lurker on your blog every once in a while. I love it and it always inspires me! I have most of (maybe all of) your mom's books and am obsessed! She is amazing! And then I found your blog! I was so excited! Especially since I was in the dorms with your husband and Chris and Sam Pothier live in my ward. Small world! I even have "A Mother's Book of Secrets" by my bed. I love, love, love all of your ideas. Thank you!!!!
    *okay, that was a long PS 🙂

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