Random things that have happened lately:One of my best friends from my D.C. days came for a visit (the one in the middle). She just ran the Boston Marathon…FAST. She is quite a woman. The girl on the right is our other friend who also lived in D.C. (Virginia really) who now lives in the next neighborhood from me. And her parents were my mission presidents. Small world.

My brother and his family came to visit. We went on a hike I already wrote about but couldn’t resist posting a couple pictures of the kids. I love that their three kids are the same ages as my last three. And that they get along SO great.We had brunch with neighbors over conference weekend…love these guys.
Lucy had her first braids. I know, kinda scruffy looking but I was sure proud of them.
Grace lost her teeth which I already posted about but I thought this picture was funny with those big holes in her gums. The lisp that the absence of teeth has given her is pretty funny.
Lucy’s about as big as Grace.
Max is practically a grown-up. I think it’s crazy that a ten-year-old can fit so perfectly on his mom’s bike. He loves it.
Do you think they like this slide?
I’ve started giving Max and Elle photography lessons. Boy oh boy they really love it. They are actually pretty quick to pick up on the f-stop and shutter speed stuff. We’ve had fun doing it together. They experiment with different settings any time I let them get their hands on the camera:
Max took this one…trying to get the person in front in focus and the person in back to be blurred out. And Elle took this one.
Lucy’s best friend.

Lucy’s other best friend.
I realize I’m short on Elle pictures…I better get working on those.

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  1. Sorry that cute girl in the pink won’t get out of the pictures! She sure loves her BFF Lucy. Thanks for watching her this week.

  2. Great post, Shawni! I love the variety of pics. And your kids’ shots were great! I never would have known that was the Morrey’s daughter, but once you said it I can totally see the resemblance – especially in the shape of her face to her mom. How fun!

  3. I love your cousin pictures. They’re beautiful! And I’m jealous that your kids can take such great photos of you. Maybe I will have to get on Anna and have her try it out!

  4. Shawni it is killing me that I didn’t beg you to take pictures while I was there…I know you are SUPER busy but can’t find anyone here that does them quite like you 🙂 Wish I just lived THERE!

  5. Wow your kids are beautiful!!! Honestly everytime I see them, I am so amazed at how gorgeous they all are! Us Carver’s and you Eyer’s sure know how to do it : ) Well I love looking at your blog! I hope all is well! Love Tony and Nat

  6. Your children are soooo beautiful. No surprise though! Hey, I got together with Lisa Linton last week…you guys know each other, right?

  7. We want photography lessons too! We love your pictures- Post some hints for us beginners (who have really taken two classes in high school and still can’t photograph like that-I think we were ruined with the auto feature):))

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