I love this day to celebrate the fathers who make the world go around.

The ones who are handed a baby and wonder what in Heaven’s name just happened…a baby?? What do I do now?

Then they they courageously delve in.

They work hard.

And they find the unique way that is theirs to raise those kids.

To snuggle them warm.

To put up with (and guide) their sass.

They become even better as they raise their kids to be even better.

Fatherhood is not an easy job.

Yet there are studies that prove good dads change a child’s trajectory possibly more than anything else.


And I’m so grateful for the one who is my best friend who is my partner in raising ours.

He is the perfect combination for them of stern and goofy, helps them know they need to whip themselves into shape speedy quick but also makes them feel incredibly valued all at the same time.

Although they think they know how lucky they are right now, it may take being parents some day to even begin to comprehend all that he does for them.

And I’m the luckiest lady I get him to be my parenting partner.

My Dad

And how lucky did I get to have my own dad.

The one my sisters and I are recording podcasts about and reveling in how lucky we are that we are his and he is ours.

He sent me this poem I wrote to him years ago when we had our first two little babies and were renting their house in D.C. where I grew up as a little girl.

I still feel just the same.

Oh how I adore that man, love you Dad!

And Dave’s dad…could there be a more humble, kind, loving man than he is? So grateful he raised David to be the perfect one for me.


It is a pretty beautiful thing.

Who’s ripple effects are never ending.

So grateful for all the good dads out there creating those ripples.

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