An email I just got from my mom:  

Charity and Ian just found a little sliver of service and called to say that they felt the earth shake but they didn’t think much about it. Had no idea what had happened. She sounded so happy! it was SO good to hear her voice! They are 8 days into the trek and are at the top of the mountain. Heading down the next two days and then they’ll see if they can get out at the airport. They might have a little service tomorrow but it might be 2 more days before we hear any more. Halleluia! SOOO HAPPY to hear that all was well with them. They are supposed to fly out of Katmandu so who knows if they’ll be able to get out. 

Thanks for the prayers everyone. 
Love to all! 

I’ll just echo that little “hallelujah” and say that although all of us felt pretty peaceful from the information we had that they were ok, it felt SO good to hear that news, and just wanted to share it for everyone who has been worrying with us.

Gives such a renewed appreciation for so many little and big things that are so easy to take for granted in life.

Prayers and thoughts and love still traveling over to all the devastation in Nepal from here in the desert.  This earthquake has rocked the lives of so many.

Love you Char and Ian!


  1. So happy to hear this wonderful news about Charity and Ian. Thoughts and prayers continue for the people of Nepal. Thank you so much for posting the update! Lisa

    1. Rowan texted his girlfriend this morning to say "I didn't know I was missing"! I don't know any more than that but it's more than enough, just wonderful!!

      My sister, Rowan's girlfriend and other family members were working the net to get any clue we could. We're so, so thankful for Trip Advisor, FB and everyone's information, but your brother's annotated diagram of the Annapurna circuit and your wonderful detailed update about your sis and her husband were absolutely the best.

      Heartfelt thanks to you all, and all the very best wishes to you and your family and supporters. We'll all be walking round today with smiles like this :0)))

  2. Thank you so much for the update! They have been in my thoughts constantly and so many prayers offered for them! And now to focus them on the other people in Nepal that need them! So happy for your family!

  3. I was just watching a special on Good Morning America this morning about those on Mt. Everest during the quake, sounds like Charity and Ian were in a better place than those on the news! So happy for your family! Hope they have a quick and safe journey home!

  4. Hello. I'm happy your family is ok
    I wanted to send you an email but I dont know I you use to read them nor which your account is.
    Would you tell me please?
    Thank you (and excuse my bad english)

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