First of all, THANK YOU so much for all the very kind comments on that last post. I really appreciate it.

But I’m a little embarrassed so let’s put something else front and center on here.

How about some pictures of my parent’s visit?

I love my parents.

I went a little hog-wild taking pictures of our trip to the childrens’ museum when they were in town, but I’ll just post my two favorites for now.

Let’s take note of three things:

1) How could you not just adore those parents?

2) Claire is well aware of the two things she needed to do to get this picture over with: smile cute and get her little sister to look at the camera so her mother will put that darn thing back in her bag.
3) Lucy’s cheeks make good handles.


  1. if there was ever an appropriate time to use the term lol (i hate that term, i hate it! because are you really laughing out loud? usually no)…it would be NOW. i just chuckled – loud. hahahah! i love it!

  2. Shawni,

    Your parents are sure amazing people and are loved throughout the whole world;)
    Congrats on the Mother of the Year award. That is so so awesome and well deserved!!!!
    Hugs that sweet Lucy and kiss her adorable cheeks for me.
    Love you guys,

  3. Okay…this is the best yet. Poor Lucy, she doesn't look like she's enjoying having her cheeks rearranged.
    And…How can you not love a dad who is cool enough to wear his cap backwards?
    Good times.

  4. Those cheeks are so loveable! I'm glad they serve other purposes, too. Absolutely hilarious! I've really enjoyed keeping up with your family. I love your stories and your writing style. I totally feel like we're all friends. Connections like these help make the world go 'round. Thanks for sharing, Shawni! 😀

  5. Oh my! That last photo is too cute and funny! Looks like Claire should have helped Grandpa look at the camera as well 🙂
    Stumbled across your blog and I've gotta say that I LOVE it!!! Thank you for sharing! And your photography is amazingly beautiful!

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