Lucy has been working her little heart out on learning the theme song from The Giver on the piano. (That book she vehemently denied she would EVER read, but then read, and fell in love, and loved the movie even more…she kills me sometimes!) Since she loved the movie so much, she became quite determined to learn the piano song from it. And let me tell you, it is no walk in the park, that’s for sure! Her piano teacher, who writes out the notes for her music in a huge scale so she can read them, told her it might be too much when she asked. It has all kinds of tricky fingering and octaves and she thought Lucy would be too frustrated. But I decided if Lucy wanted to learn it that much, I should at least see how far that little will of hers could take her. So I started teaching her.

It has been so interesting to watch how her mind works. I am trying to figure out how her brain is adjusting to her diminishing eyesight. I didn’t write out the music all huge like her piano teacher does, (it seems that she ends up memorizing anyway), so I’ve just been showing her the chords and have worked with her to repeat them in sequence and she memorizes them. The way she learns is so unique and beautiful once she puts her mind to something.

At first those little fingers could hardly stretch to find the right keys. Her hands were aching and she ended her practicing in tears a few times. But this girl is determined and kept asking for more.

And she didn’t want any simplified versions, no way. She wanted to learn that music exactly as it was written. We have sure spent a lot of time on that piano bench I tell you!

Ok, with that little introduction let’s skip to talk about the Children for Children concert.

As anyone who has been reading this blog for a while knows, each year our kids put together a Children for Children concert to raise money for a charity that we love.

And when I say “our kids,” I’m talking about our kids and our neighbor’s kids who work together, and I have to say their parents work hard too, because learning how to put on something like this doesn’t just happen. Or does it?? Hmmm…something to ponder about, but I love love love this tradition, started out by my siblings and I (with some great help from our parents:) when I was younger than my youngest child.

Here in the desert we decided to forgo our annual concert this year…not really a year when you can hold a concert very safely.

But my niece Hazel and her family, along with my nephews Oliver and Silas and their family, had other ideas (this niece is the one who wrote the whole template for others to be able to do their own Children for Children concerts that I shared last year in this post HERE, and the link to the actual instruction kit is HERE).

These guys decided a global pandemic wouldn’t stop them from raising money, and they decided to do a “virtual” concert. They have worked their tails off to gather “talents” from all over and have made a webpage for people to be able to join the concert from the comforts of their own homes, and the flexibility of their own schedules.

They are raising money for Charity: Water and there is lots of information about it here:

Gosh this organization does so much good! And I love how that little video clip brings to light how essential clean water is. Something we tend to take so for granted when we turn on our sink every day.

SO, because this concert is virtual and anyone could be involved, Lucy decided, after much deliberation (she does NOT like to be in the spotlight), to share her piano talent playing Rosemary’s Theme Song. Because that girl really does have a heart of gold, and if it would help kids get clean water, she wanted to help.

The Children for Children web page with all the information is HERE, including all kinds of talents.

That whiz-bang site is awesome (remember my nephews put together, and that’s a talent in and of itself in my opinion!) It includes everything from bike stunts, to violinists, to art, to magic tricks, to calligraphy…it even has juggling jokes for crying out loud. You name what you want to see and I bet you’ll find it!

If you tune in, be sure to look for Lucy. Her piano piece may not look like much to you.

Just a girl playing the piano.

But I teared up as I recorded those octaves and that determination because I know what it took to get there. (We’re still not to the end of the song, but she played a lot of it.) And she’s hoping it helps to raise money and awareness to bring clean water to those in need which has the potential to change lives for the better.

So if you feel so inclined after all those talents lined up to make a difference, go donate to this great cause (link at the bottom of the page for donations, or you can click HERE to go straight to the donation page).

And the coolest thing of all that Hazel, Oliver and Silas wanted me to be sure to include: ANY DONATIONS MADE BEFORE JANUARY 1st, 2021 WILL BE MATCHED BY THE EYREALM FOUNDATION! That means your $10 becomes $20, or your $50 becomes $100.

Thank you in advance for the support.


Shawni (and Hazel, and Oliver & Silas…and Lucy too)

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  1. Oh my goodness! She plays beautifully!!! Such determination and grit – that girl is going places and will inspire so many!! Merry Christmas!!

  2. This really touched my heart. I’ve played the piano my whole life and can now play with my eyes closed most of the time- but it took almost 40 years of being able to see to do that. Lucy is amazing. To hear how she worked so hard to memorize that piece just amazes me. I now play and compose most music by ear and prefer it over reading music. I wonder with Lucy’s foundation of notes and amazing memory she could explore piano down a different route and learn more chord progressions and the theory behind them so she could start experimenting with playing by ear instead of reading the notes. Wish I lived closer and could teach her!! She’s an amazing lady. I’ve read your blog for at least 7 years and have learned so much from you over the Years. Thank you for being such a positive influence in my life even though we don’t even know each other.

  3. Way to go, Lucy! A victory’s value is in proportion to the effort required. Tackling a song like that shows you’re both brave and determined.

    I’m loving the variety of talent and heart behind the virtual show.

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