Here are a “few” more pictures of our fun at the children’s museum:My mom and dad are good sports for letting me take so many pictures of them.

But seriously, what grandchild can really have enough pictures with their grandparents?(Even my mom crawled through that little maze above…she is a limber lady.)

I loved this castle kids can paint:
…So did Lucy. And aparently so do a bunch of other kids. It’s been painted so many times and so many colors that it bulges at a childs’ paint-brush-level from all the layers of “loving care” it’s had.

Whoever designed this museum is so artistic and creative. I love all the little extra touches of cool things:I know, they’re cute.

Random I know, but I love when there’s pretty light.

What kid wouldn’t want to wander through a “forest” of water noodles?
We even squished a penny at the end that got imprinted with the words “noodle forest.”
I think that was Claire’s favorite part of the trip.

When we were done we went to lunch at my fav. place in town:
…and wandered around a couple stores.
(Claire decided she was going to be the photographer for a bit…)

And then my Dad fed my girls some treats like they were little birds.
That’s the kind of stuff he does to delight them.

It delights me too.

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  1. Looks like some much fun, and I love all of the beautiful pictures you took to document the activity!

    – Heather

  2. I love that picture of them sitting on the bench together with his leg draped over hers. It really speaks volumes of their relationship. I hope I'm like that when I'm "old" 🙂 (and as limber as she is too!!)

  3. I was about to tell you how cool and fun the Children's Museum in Denver is, but I don't think they have anything on yours. DANG! I got excited just seeing how fun it looked. Like Disneyland.
    I haven't been to ours in ages, but it was a blast…maybe I should go and compare. Of course, I might need to rent your folks to come along and help make the experience complete…my children don't have any grandparents, I borrow other peoples.
    We've been lucky enough to glom on to some super sporting elderly couples in our ward at church and some elderly friends.

  4. Hi Shawni, I love your pictures in this post. I lost my Mum last month and I so wish I had taken hundreds and thousands more pictures of her with me and the kids. Don't ever stop taking them x

  5. I know everyone has asked, but where is this place?! It looks like so much fun. Love the pictures, and your parents are adorable!

  6. That looks like fun! On any of your trips back East, have you ever made it to the Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich, VT? It's small but packed full of stuff for kids. Outside, there are all these amazing water play activities, like a miniature river system. It's one of my family's favorites, and we consider ourselves children's museum conossieurs!

  7. oh that picture of your parents is just gorgeous! they still look so in love and happy together! And they look like fabulous grandparents


  8. Yes, it's the Phoenix Children's Museum. Thanks for all the other good museum info. too! Some day maybe we'll make it to some others. Love, Shawni

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