Elle’s Christmas choir concert was fun to watch.

She has sure loved that this year.

And watching her brings back so many memories of my A’capella (our high school singing group) performances in high school.

We had fun back in the day. Except that was the one class that ruined my 4.0 a couple semesters because I talked too much and got an A-. Dang it.

Elle seems to be having the same kind of fun I did.
And I love watching her enjoy it so much.

This was my personal favorite song:
(Elle’s on the back row and doesn’t do a whole bunch until around the middle of the song. And I already know I need to take videography lessons 🙂

Gotta love that animation 🙂

Nana came to watch with us:
We’ve loved sharing some of our Christmas festivities with her this season.

The girls were supposed to wear black with some red “highlights.” Apparently someone remembered lips could be great highlights and brought some red lipstick for them all to accentuate those smackers.See Claire down there in that bottom right corner? Yeah, she wants to grow up just like them some day.

Luckily they are good girls. We are so lucky to have so many good influences around here.


  1. Choir's a class in the US? :O Here in England it's something we have to do during lunch if we want to and any rehearsals are in our own time. Also we don't get all the dramatics either, it's all stuffy standing still and singing. urgh.

    Elle and her friends did great! 😀

  2. Thank you for sharing! Amazing you can post the photo's and write up some amazing captions all on the same night! This is my goal for 2012….to post and update my family blog within the same week!!!!. I only have 4 children. Can't figure out why I can't attend, return home, get all kiddos bathed and into bed with stories and prayers!?! Please help…..am I missing something? Love your blog and family, but, feeling like I'm missing out on creating and preserving our family memories.

  3. Love the red lipstick they're all wearing. Wish I were brave enough to wear MAC's Ruby Woo. Elle looks gorgeous and I hope those girls stay in choir forever! So much fun.

  4. Corry, this concert was at the beginning of the month…I definitely can't keep up. I still haven't posted pictures from Fall Break back in October. Life is just busy but if I take pictures I file them then I know I'll get around to blogging about them eventually. Yes, it's great to document family memories, but it for sure can't take precedence over that precious bath, story, prayer bedtime or any other special family time for that matter. You are doing what's most important and even if you jot down a little note about what your thinking or doing each day you'll be able to remember and write about it in more detail at some point in the future. Good luck and soak up those four children! Love, Shawni

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the video. What a clever song – and the animation is fantastic! Do you have the name of the song, by chance! Would love to my daughter do it next year for her school; I may make that suggestion!

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