Before Santa leaves, he drops off the stockings at the foot of each of the kid’s beds.

That way they can open them and kill a little time before they wake up their mom and dad by singing Christmas carols on the stairs at 7:00.

They get to go into the family room in order of youngest to oldest and the level of excitement is electric.

The biggest hit for Lu this year was this cardboard unicorn for her to color because hey, unicorns and coloring happen to be her two favorite things.
It was a longboard year for the big kids.

And Claire was pleased as punch with her American Girl doll.
We’re always thankful when we get to have Josh around. He gave the kids some cool things from his trip to Africa.
We had such a relaxing, beautiful morning. It felt so great to just lounge around, listen to Christmas music, eat cinnamon rolls enjoy each other before we headed to church.

Goodbye Christmas ’til next year…when I’ll be much better prepared for you if it kills me! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Hi….I wonder if you would know where Santa would have found the cardboard unicorn…???? It's amazing. My sweet little 6 year old willow would be thrilled if she got one for her birthday this year…she's a unicorn lover too…

  2. I don't know if you are a pusher for helmets for your kids. Please take all your kids to the skate shop and buy them helmets. Insist/require them to wear them, My 17 year old daughter thought she was good enough that she wouldn't crash. She went down a steep hill, aproximately 35 miles per hour(brother was behind her in the car). The wheels started wobbling and she crashed. She had a severe concussion. She is lucky/blessed to be alive.

    Please be strict on this one. We feel that the this girl must have a bigger purpose or she wouldn't still be with us.

  3. Thanks for sharing Shawni!

    If you ever have a second, scratch that, if you can ever give up a second…

    How do you like your carpet? We are building and will be looking at carpet options. Does it snag? I've always worried about that with the loop styles. Love the color, I was looking at similar. If you remember the name please share.

    Oh I guess I have another HOME question…

    Like I said we are building. I have 4 girls and we are really tied up between putting 4 smaller bedrooms for each or three bedrooms (one larger) and having girls share. Mine are still pretty little 11/6/4/2. I wish I could see into the future to know what is important as they get older. What has been your experience with kids and bedrooms? i.e. = could you make the decision for me!!!

  4. Looks like you and your family had a nice Christmas. Here is a REALLY good Christmas book to get next year. It beautifully illustrates what myrrh is:
    The Third Gift by Linda Sue Park
    Happy New Year!

  5. Hi Ashley….I just had to comment ;-)))) i have four girls, and we have two sharing and two others in their own rooms, and when we build again, we are doing a BIG bedroom for them to share, they beg us almost everyday to shove all their beds in one room, I think it's healthy for them to stay close….:-)..p.s good luck with the new house

  6. oh wow. I love your Christmas photos. I love that you and your family embrace such lovely 'family' traditions and that you capture them so beautifully. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and yours.

    PS You are coming to Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only found out yesterday and am working working working on trying to be able to get myself there x

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