I’m a little late on my Christmas card post, but we had to have our annual contest to see who sent the best.  Ha ha ha.  Everyone sent the best.  Oh man I love being surrounded by all those people we love over the Christmas season.
But let’s highlight a couple because really, it’s always good to have family picture ideas, and the Masons took it to the next level this year.
Here’s how it came:

(I took that picture post-taped up in the kitchen so ignore the tape-pull-off-stuff…)
And this was on the inside:

How cool is that?  I loved it.
This was on the other flap:

Yep, they outdid themselves again 🙂

My brother’s was pretty awesome in the Swiss Alps…and let’s just note that my pictures of these pictures don’t do any of them justice.

Love these other family pictures as well.

I know I’m a little biased, but this was my personal favorite:

Love that Hawaiian girl of ours. 💚


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