Having been a “family portrait photographer” for years, I love family picture ideas.  Being a lover of family pictures makes annual Christmas cards even better.  I LOVE to catch up with friends we’ve met all over the place (and friends we MISS!!) through their letters and I love to see how their kids have grown, where they are living, what they are up to.  
I also love all the creative ideas people come up with for family pictures.
Every year I have to snap some pictures of my favorites to give me ideas in the future.  Even though it’s now March, I’m sneaking this post back here in December so I can go back to remember some favorites from this year.  Here we go.

These guys always seem to “win” our little family vote each year:

They are so dang creative!!

Love having dear people we love surrounding us over the holidays.

It always feels a little sad to take them down at the end of the season.

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