Each year at the end of November it begins: my love affair with Christmas cards.

In our family Dave is the mail guy. He brings in the stack of it each day after work. And half the time I don’t even see it (except for the bills).

But not in December. Because in December I can’t wait to see what treasures the mailman brings. I love to see my friends and family…both who live close and far. Love it.

I love to see how much all the kids have grown. I love to hear what new pet someone has or how so-and-so is shining in their first grade class. I want to know about their trips and their moves. I love to see all the clever things people come up with.

In our thirteen years of marriage Dave and I have moved ten different times. And we both have humongous families. To me Christmas cards are such a great way to stay in touch with all those people who have changed how we live, how we love, who we are.

Except for this year I’m bugged at Christmas cards. Super, Duper bugged. Sure, I still feel like a mailbox/mailman groupie. BUT, I tell you, our own Christmas cards this year have thrown me for a loop.

The first one I made up and got ready to go Dave decided he didn’t love how some of us looked, and wanted to switch it out. (I put it in the blog header so we can at least see what could have been…Mark Mabry took it and he’s the BEST…but I’ll be honest, some of us…and I say “us” meaning myself, don’t look so great). But we couldn’t get a new file from Mark in time so we used one from Mexico. (Can you tell who I had to Photoshop in??? I know it’s not that convincing but I was happy I could make it semi-work…)

So I changed it (which took a long time) only to have my computer crash and lose all the “layers.” Then once I redid it and sent it in the place I get my cards printed had problems with the borders on the back, and I had to send it in three times to fix it…at the same time as I was helping a few friends I owed some serious favors with theirs. Then I had my printer problems with the addresses (last post). I wanted to cry for joy when I finally stuffed the outgoing mailbox full of them. But I still have straggling addresses all over the place and addresses I realized I never switched to my new computer, blah blah blah.

So, over and over again this year I vowed to quit the Christmas card thing.

But then, each day when I hit the mailbox, I get lured right back in…

Maybe all those problems weren’t so bad after all…

So, Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Not really, but it turned out kinda Valentines-ish. I guess we’re killing two birds with one stone.

Really, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! (this is the back).

And here’s to it being a great Christmas season now that all the dang cards are out of the way!

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  1. Can I just say…. you are the BEST & also extremely talented on the computer with photoshop! You are my hero – thank you for helping me design my card – I love it & also am soooo happy that the mailman took them from my office! BTW….your card is adorable of course – like ALWAYS!!!

  2. Completely understand–I have the same sickness, Shawni! Even go so far to have a Christmas card album for all the collected cards over the years! Your family is beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful holiday (now that the cards are out of the way!)

  3. I wish I saw your card before I did mine…I totally would have copied your layout. With credit, of course! And I’m glad you like Christmas letters. I totally stressed about what to write in mine this year.

  4. Well when it came to my house…I was loving it! What a great card. I need to spice up mine next year…but I need to start in August. I have taken your love of Christmas cards since the one year you guys were out of town before Christmas and I picked up your mail. I couldn’t believe the stacks of cards you got each day! Love them!

  5. I love both cards! The blog header is so vibrant! I have the best thing for the Christmas Card sending. Its this ‘Christmas card record keeper’ from Current- it is like 3$ and you put who you sent and received from all in one place. I keep my info all on the computer but at this time of year I go old school paper and pencil. Love it.

  6. Whatever. You look amazing. You all do!!! Maybe I haven’t moved enough times to have 100’s of cards…and I am noticing a huge slow-down in cards this year – does everyone think their blog counts instead? Mine got mailed today. and I was super thrilled with Molly’s entry level pics (for the price, anyway! ) – maybe I will send you one!

  7. Love it!!

    And so you feel a little more on the ball, I took our Christmas card photo on Monday, because we had sun and a heat wave of 40 degrees.

    While out there is started to rain, so the photo is DOPEY. My kids look a little off, to say the least.

    I sent the dopey photo to the printers only to find out yesterday that the turn around time promised (three days) is now 15. So, my “Merry Christmas” cards will be opened sometime in January.

    Nice job procrastinating, Julie.

  8. Dear Shawni and the whole lovely family,

    It’s very great to receive your special family Christmas card. It is very delicate, artistics, and meaningful. We also visited the blogs of your family members, including Max and Elle. They are very impressive. We are very envious of the joyful and colorful life you have. I wish I could have a chance to learn blog-making from you sometime in the future.

    Albert’s family got back this week from California for vacation. Thus, we are having many family gatherings. Ray is also in the military service until next July. Everything is good in Taiwan.

    We all wish you have a great holiday season and prospering business in Maxis. Happy New Year!!!

    Best regards,
    Ann, DY and Ray from Taiwan

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