I love how our kitchen looks at Christmas…all those faces of people we love smiling out at us as we go about our daily business.

 Each year I wait a little extra after we take down the Christmas stuff to pull them off of the cabinets.

This year as we took them down I felt so much love for each of them and a special nostalgia for those we haven’t seen in so long.

So I decided to text or email or call a bunch of them.  And it felt good.  Wish I could call all of them!
Every year I like to post some of my favorite cards so I can go back and look for family picture/Christmas card inspiration in the future.
There are some creative people out there I tell you!
I loved this one from my sister who just had quite an experience living on a farm:

(They send out Thanksgiving cards.) Is that not the best picture?  Such a good sum-up of their experience there! Lots more about that farm experience on her blog over HERE.

This one, from my ultra-creative sis-in-law Kara (blog HERE), deserved an extra special spot:

Let’s look more closely at that one…here’s the first part:

…and here’s the second part:

Oh boy.  I wish I had a fraction of the creative juices that girl has in her pinky.  LOVE that last picture up there and the meaning…when I saw it it just pricked my eyes a little 🙂

Love this composition:

 (And I love Vanessa…she’s the one who started Chatbooks…quite a lady!)

Love the light in this one:

 (and the people and composition)

This one too:

Rose always sends her own artwork which is some of my favorite art in the whole wide world:

 (more about her HERE.)

I thought this one was funny from Dave’s brother and his family:

…and Dave’s sister:
Happiness right there.

I love that the older we get the more and more of our friend’s Christmas cards have missionaries smiling from the back of the card:

 …serving all over the world.

Some other pictures I like:

 (just a small sampling because I loved all of them!)

This friend is always so creative!

 …and I love the pink cacti in this one:

I could go on and on, but there you go, a little wrap-up of Christmas cards for 2017.

Christmas cards are the best!

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