It’s such a huge relief to get those Christmas cards out and done despite the fact that they picture our family as ghosts. Sadly they’re pretty darn overexposed…and Lucy’s not looking. Oh well, they’re out and I’m so happy about it. Next year I’m totally starting earlier. Here’s how they turned out : (front) back (click to enlarge to see the writing…but I must admit it’s a little boring this year):
One of my favorite things about Christmas is the Christmas cards. It’s like getting presents every day when I check the mailbox and find treasures from friends we don’t get to see much, and those we do. I just love to stay connected. We’ve lived in so many different places and I just love love love to stay in touch and Christmas cards are the greatest way to do it.

Here are a few other pictures from our day of trying to get Christmas pictures:
I LOVE these next two pictures because they help me picture these two as best friends some day (they’re really competitive right now…well, actually Elle is…Grace couldn’t care less).the kids were insistent that Lilly make the Christmas card this year as the newest member of the family…we spiffed her all up for the occasion
this is how Lucy felt about the whole situation:
I didn’t capture it, but Dave felt even worse.

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  1. Camden and I (Aja) are delighted with your Christams Card extravaganza! Camden wants to say to Claire: “You are my best cousin. I miss you. I want to come to your house again and ride scooters.” You all look great… I want to be one of your kids. Will you adopt me?

  2. Shawns: I loved your Christmas card. I look forward to it every year. Isn’t it the biggest sense of accomplishment to get those sent out?

    By the way, I ran into your mom at Target last night, and Costco this afternoon. I love her. She is so cute and it was fun to see her.

    Merry Christmas…will you be here at all? I hope so!

  3. You guys are one good looking bunch! I love your cards and I love all your pictures! The lighting is amazing in them! I gotta take a class and learn how to use my camara.

  4. I was so happy to get mine today! You guys are always in the running for our “best Christmas card picture” each year. I think you have actually won the most times too! You’ve done it again this year and I just love it!

  5. your family is gorgeous! such a cute card with adorable kids. and does any husband like the whole family picture thing? will i ever get his full support in it? i doubt it.

  6. I wish I had a fraction of your talents, abilities, insights and attitude. Simply amazing. LOVE your photography. I would hire you but don’t want to add to your business.


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