We had two kids home for Christmas.

Our two older kids were tucked safely with their in-laws, and Grace is tucked safely as a missionary in Texas.

It was strange to have such a small group, but also a little bit awesome.

Oh, we missed our other kids with all our hearts, but there was something so simple and calm about this unique Christmas Eve, and we basked in it’s momentary stillness.

On Christmas Eve I made Chicken Tikka Masala and Claire made the flatbread just like we always do for our Jerusalem Supper.

Lucy set the table like she always does…

…complete with one part of the nativity on each plate:

(This was Claire’s idea to add to the Jerusalem Supper a few years ago…you get a chance at dinner to share some thoughts about the part of the nativity sitting on your plate, and I love it.)

The idea of the Jerusalem Supper (as introduced by my parents years years ago), is to put ourselves in the position of Mary and Joseph getting ready to head to Bethlehem. Growing up, we dressed up and ate fish and dates and flatbread for dinner, and were totally in character. It has changed over the years in our family, and I love this version where we do a little bit of dressing up as well as a good discussion to remember the true reason for all the celebrations: a tiny baby born in a humble stable who came to save us all.

We were so thankful my brother Josh was here with us.

We watched some great short videos after dinner including a couple Josh pulled up.

I loved them, and meant to share them on Christmas but I never did, so here you go…please enjoy, they are so beautiful with such great messages:

Then it was time for the Christmas PJs…again, weird with just two. But again, so simple.

Then it was time for ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas before the girls headed off to bed.

Some of my favorites from Christmas morning:

Ok, THIS one’s my favorite:

I’m telling you, Claire is the best at exuberance and she sure makes giving on Christmas fun.

Oh, so does Lucy:

Sure love these girls! And love that my mom sent a blanket that made us feel like everyone was here:


It was a good Christmas morning.

The girls helped with our traditional eggs benedict:

And Dave’s sister Carol Lynn joined us for breakfast:

And just like that, all those festivities wrapped up.

I hope I can remember that beautiful stillness and as I head into this new year.

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  1. Beautiful Christmas. I love your Jerusalem supper tradition. Love the giving videos too! Tears.
    Wishing your family all the best in 2021. Thanks for being such a light!!!

    1. Soo awesome. What an awesome time. I’m so jealous, we are in a lockdown in Alberta. For Christmas we were not allowed to even see any family unless they permanently live with you. I’m glad you got to see your family. It makes you so excited for others!
      Happy new year x

    2. No we didn’t do the kids’ gift exchange on Christmas Eve this year since everyone wanted to be involved including Grace, and the big kids were with in-laws. So we did it after Christmas. Heidi I’m sure hoping all the lockdowns will be able to be lifted and safe soon..Sending love to Alberta!

  2. Looks like a lovely day. I would love to get those heart pajamas for my girls for Valentines Day. Would you mind sharing the source?

    Thank you!

  3. The John Lewis Christmas ads are thee best. The little boy in this video is actually called John Lewis.

    This year’s one was about love & was really touching.

    A lot of people in the UK were on their own this Christmas, as most places were in tier 4 & we werent allowed to mix to mix with other family members.

    I always enjoy seeing your Christmas pix. x

    By the way, you & Dave need some Christmas pyjamas too:)

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