I’m just wondering…is it bad to let your daughter wear Crocs to church? And does it make it better or worse if they’re paired with mis-matched socks because every other sock in your house happened to be in a jumble in the dryer and you could only find these two as you scrambled out the door because you were late (again)?

Let’s take into account that this specific daughter (not to mention any names) is a super feisty girl who is pleased as punch that you gave in and let her wear them instead of her stuffy mary-janes (running battle-of-the-wills tally: Lucy: 342, Shawni: 4), and hey, we have to take into account that they are adorned with pretty darling bows your new friend came over and “installed” a couple weeks ago because she knew how much that girl loves her Crocs. (Thanks Jessi.)

Anyway, just wondering…

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  1. This is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I LOVE the mismatched socks! That is our house! I’m so glad you took pictures of her crocs and socks.

    Last week one of my boys sat down right after church started and burped the loudest burp you’d ever heard and then said, “Mom…that’s gross”, so people three rows in front of and behind us could hear.

    Hang in there, you are doing so well.

    BTW – do you know Jani(Piercey) Stone?

  2. I think they are perfect! You should see the scramble at our home. Dad has deserted us for many hours before we even start to get ready, we all scramble in at about 2 minutes to the hour (or 2 minutes after the hour) as Dad smiles from the stand. It’s never pretty.:)
    Thanks for checking in our our blog — I sure wish I could take pictures, my blog would be a lot “prettier”:)
    Glad to see Lucy is holding her own in the battle. I’m still pulling for you!:)

  3. Oops. I let Lyndee wear her crocs to church every Sunday πŸ™‚ In fact, I even got her a pair of black ones so they would look a little dressier. ha ha. Her little fat feet won’t fit into any other shoe.
    I look at it this way…at least they are wearing shoes!!!

  4. As long as they have bows tied in them, they are adorable in my opinion and nothing is better than a happy, obedient child in sacrament mtg! So whatever works! Lucy is cute in ANYTHING!

    P.S. Who wouldn’t want to wear those…. I can’t wait to come home from church and take my tight,black,high heeled boots off! They are so uncomfortable!

  5. the crocs are just darling and the mismatched socks are what every 2-4 year old should wear!!!
    I just wanted to tell you that we made awards last night for FHE…..the kids are really excited for this! Thanks again for the idea!

  6. The only etiquette that I have is are we there and not screaming. Hence the fact that some of my children are now back to wearing flip flops and that is really not ok. I think crocs are great! Plus with bows they are “churchified!”

  7. What about boys?? My Carson was inseperable with his crocs last year and he worse them everyday and yup that includes Sunday. So I think it’s okay.

  8. I say it’s fine, no, fabulous! But I’m the girl who brings her kids to church in cap sleeved dresses, sans tights, in the dead of winter. So, my “fine” may be a little off. πŸ™‚

  9. Do what ya gotta do to get them to church! I have a friend who has all boys. After years of fighting about church attire, they came up with a rule: They have to wear either a tie or a belt. They are not required to wear both. They are in control and get to choose and look at least somewhat put together. Choose battles, I guess. Mine wear boots probably way more often than boots are appropriate but whatev.

    Email me about the RS thing!! mmsimpson@cox.net

  10. i love this!!!

    i never ever thought i would wear crocs, until i got a pair, and now i wear try my best to find outfits everyday that i can wear my crocs along with my mis-matched socks from http://www.littlemissmatched.com

    i’m so thankful that my principal has not told me that crocs with nonmatching socks are not professional! πŸ™‚ i assume lucy thinks like i think….crocs make the day sooooo much better! πŸ™‚

  11. Oh, how I love reading your blog. It’s like having a special visit with you each week. I love the things you have chosen for your walls. That’s my greatest concern as we redo the Hackamore home. Our special love to each of you! Have a great valentines and feel the love flowing from us.

  12. It is only ok if you put bows on them.
    You know, my friend Shannon does photography (more than me, I already have one part time job so photography’s pretty well on the back burner for the next 4 years) — and she often has the question about balancing the two. Her blog is http://www.shannonmontez.com — you two have similar styles. You’d probably enjoy her eye candy.
    btw, gonna write a blurb tutorial, hopefully sometime this week on my blog.

  13. oh my gosh – THANK YOU! I laughed out loud at your tally of wins. I bet Lucy and my littlest are close in ages. And today, today I think my blog post may be titled:

    Some days you lose.

    She threw her beloved Mickey Mouse croc over the side of the Target cart today to make a statement. We never found it. LOVE the bow idea, tho, since we were forever wearing BLUE & GREEN crocs to church! (Somehow, they always seemed to match…) I'll have to be on the lookout for the MaryJane's!

    Came here via Clover Lane. DEFINITELY need to check into your book…Again, just thought today:
    How'd Mom do this with her four?!

    Blessings, and thanks for sharing your talents with blogworld πŸ™‚

  14. I know this is an old post. I just stumbled across it from Pinterest (not directly, but through a rabbit hole). My daughter is on the autism spectrum and HATED wearing shoes as a little girl. My college roommate was relaying a story one day to me about fussing with her daughter over her shoes for church, and she came back with, "Mommy, if Jesus is in your heart, then He can't even see your shoes!" That offered me great comfort over the shoe debate. πŸ™‚

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