Our favorite singer (McKenna Breinholt, who also happens to be one of Elle’s best friends from high school), sang hear heart out at a concert right after Thanksgiving.

It was another Cinematic Pop concert…I’ve talked about those before, they are magical filled with so much good music that makes your heart want to burst!

Isn’t it incredible what the human voice can do? No instrument to lug around, just the ability to belt it all out.

We felt so lucky we got to go and bask in all that glory.

If you want to hear McKenna sing, she’s on Spotify…check her out. She’s incredible.

Cosette is pretty incredible as well…

We felt so filled up with beauty.

Lucy adores “Friday I’m in Love” sung by Cosette, so she’s always excited to give her a hug:

And we had to hug up McKenna a little extra from Elle who couldn’t be there.

It was a good night.

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