Happy Birthday to my dear, sweet Claire Bear.
(The chipped off blue fingernail polish and non-ironed shirt are pretty “authentic Claire.”)So is the huge, missing teeth smile…Seven reasons why I adore you:

1) You are genuinely kind and naturally gracious. You have no problem sharing anything that is yours (even if it’s brand new), and you are always giving hugs and complimenting me. So sweet.

2) I love how your little body molds right into gymnastics…feet pointed perfectly and concentration on your face.

3) You are so enthusiastic about life. When I tell you something fun that is going to happen your face just glows with excitement. You especially like to smile with those new teeth missing.

4) You take such good care of your siblings. You will run on little errands for them any time they ask. You will conform to Grace’s wishes most of the time. You take care of Lucy like a little mother hen.

5) You are smart as a little whip with your reading and math. You have a mind that just seems to “get” things so easily.

6) You are so easy to please…so opposite from high-maintenance.

7) You tell me I’m the best mom ever at least twice each day even in moments where I’m so far from that perfect mother I wish I could be. That sure melts my heart.

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  1. What a joy Claire is! We'll love thinking of her today. She'll be sure to enjoy every minute, we're sure! Can't wait to get there and give her a birthday hug, though she'll have to wait a couple of weeks!

  2. Hi! You don't know me but I follow your blog and love it! Can I ask you what town or city you live in in Arizona? I love the glimpses of your neighborhood I see in the backgrounds of your pictures. The opportunity may rise for me to live in AZ and I definitely want to check out such a great place. You can respond here and I'll check back! Thank you!

  3. Claire is just adorable and i love Lucy!!! Just started reading your blog.I just created a blog too.i am just starting out by posting some the Craiglist finds from Phoenix.Pls do stop by the blog!! I am still figuring out how to blog 🙂

  4. That's a birthday we won't ever forget…mostly because you sacrifice being with her for being with us. Luckily she consequently got three birthday celebration! Way to go Claire…and Shawni

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