Oh boy, I can’t keep up this week and I’ll have to come back later to add more like I did with Grace yesterday, but for now here are a couple things:2013-04-07 general conference 72906 Serious goofiness from this girl I tell you:2013-04-07 general conference 729072013-04-07 general conference 729082013-04-07 general conference 72911 Her soccer season just ended this week.  She only got one goal the whole time, but man alive, her exuberance for the team and when other kids made goals made up for it:2013-02-23 sports 70295 Check out how excited she is for this girl:2013-02-23 sports 702962013-02-23 sports 702972013-02-23 sports 70298 Love it.2013-02-23 sports 70299 She was a pretty intense helper out there.2013-02-23 sports 703072013-02-23 sports 70311 2013-04-02 misc 72442 She doesn’t like these girls at all. Can you tell?2013-04-02 misc 72451 Not at all 🙂2013-04-02 misc 724962013-04-02 misc 72498 It made us both a little sad to have her end-of-the-year party this week cause I think she’s going to take a break from soccer for a while.  She thinks she’s going to do dance, but I think we’re going to slow down a little bit. Too much going on I tell you. The party was pretty fun to wrap things up though.  I’ll have to post pics. later. Claire is becoming a good little gymnast too: She got in a little trouble on that last one since those legs were so darn bent.  I LOVE this place she and Grace go to called “Flips.”  They are strict as can be (which I love) and teach them so much. Speaking of strict, that’s one of the things I like very most about this choral organization Grace and Claire are in (the one I talked about yesterday).  Boy oh boy that teacher means business. I love watching Claire’s mouth move while she’s singing.  I know it sounds funny, but she would come home from practices with a big gleam in her eye and tell me how big the sound was.  I know she felt the spirit of it all so much in that tender little soul of hers.  Here is a video clip of one of the songs.  Claire is on the second row kind of in the middle.  Once you find her you will wonder how you didn’t see her at first cause to me it’s like she is a 10,000 gigawatt sparkler.  I know it’s just cause I’m her mom, but watch how much she moves her mouth.  You can just tell she is feeling that whole thing all the way to her bones.  (Please forgive my sub-par video skills…) Did I mention her goofiness?2013-04-07 general conference 72608 It looks like her friend is aware of that below:2013-04-07 general conference 72609 Love it.  Love that girl!

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  1. claire is super goofy – it's one thing i love so much about her! you should def. post some videos of her dancing – did you get any of her on that boat we took out? seriously, homegirl's got MOVES.

  2. What a combination of Elle and Grace she is! I never noticed how much she looks like Elle and when she's being 'goofy' she looks so much like Grace.

  3. Wow, she is an amazing gymnast! I like reading these posts about your kids. I can see how much you love each of them in your writing and your pictures, and it makes me realize how strong a mother's love is, and how I can't even imagine how much my mom must love me. It's really cool. Thanks 🙂

  4. I had a feeling you were in EVMCO! Every time I hear you talk about the choir you drive the kids to, I always started picturing all of the kids I take to OCMCO every week. I love both Brother Stewarts. I started OCMCO 6 years ago(when it first started) and I can tell you I have grown so much from them. It's so great your kids participate in such a strong choir. Just push them to keep going because especially in high school, I have found it to be my "push" to stay strong in a gospel I know I love, but can be hard to stand up for.
    I secretly wished one of them was going to Texas when I went so that I could know if that's the choir you were in 🙂

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