I talked about the thirteen things I adore about my newest teenager back HERE, but let’s back up for a sec and remember that big day.
She was pretty excited I tell you!

Probably the most exciting thing about the day for all of us was that her soccer game was cancelled due to rain.
She loves soccer with all her heart, but in her mind there were better things to do on a birthday than drive two hours to a game.
So we had a leisurely birthday breakfast…

 …complete with crepes and a very exciting candy bar poster:

Jada and Olivia, our extra visitors, had seen Lucy working on that thing and decided they needed to make their own.

Claire was over-the-moon that Max remembered her big day and took the time to send her not only a letter but some little stickers with her Chinese name on them.

 Pretty exciting gifts…

And then we went shopping to get her some new shoes and to lunch with this crew:

She decided turning 13 merited a photoshoot with these cute girls:

 (they were copying Elle’s Christmas card in that last one…)

 Love that this girl isn’t afraid to be herself.  Ever.

Had to get our photography assistant in there with her for a couple…

And of course, the photographer as well…

 This cute friend had to come late so we got a few special ones with her…

Somehow it has become her tradition to go to Texas Roadhouse for her birthday.
I mean, you get to sit on the saddle so how great is that?

Ha!  I think we’ll try to start now to talk her out of that one for next year…especially since Dave looked up the rolls in nutrition (we are trying to see if we like doing “macros” right now) and they have more fat in each of them than a Snickers bar.


I adore those things but wow….

Then home to cake and ice cream.

 …and of course, Bo.

 Every girl needs to have a puppy to help her celebrate her birthday I think 🙂

The day ended with a sweet FaceTime call with Elle.

I’ll let her face tell you how excited she was about that one.

So grateful for this girl of ours and all the spunk and love and sensitivity and hormones (ha!) and service and pure JOY she brings to our family.

Love you forever Claire Bear!


  1. Oh No!!! I knew those rolls were not at all healthy but WOW! I did not need to know that (but thanks because I really did need to know that).

    Happy Birthday Claire!

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