So excited to share pictures and video of Max’s return when I can get my act together tomorrow.  They make me cry all over again to look at.
Until then, here’s a post from Claire’s birthday I meant to schedule last week and never did.
It was a grand day celebrating this girl:

Crepes for breakfast along with the gifts:

Pure excitement over Max’s letter:

The best birthday-bash-thrower in the history of birthdays:

Getting ready for a picture:

(best dad)

Best neighbors to help celebrate:

Best friends over for pizookie night:

How CLaire felt about me making her pose with boys:

B-day flowers:

Oh how we adore this sparkly girl of ours.

My fourteen “tops” for this girl are back HERE.


    1. I had to check them, too.
      Shawni, don't you post a video with sappy music! Otherwise I'll definitely cry!

      I've wanted to start taking pictures with our son with us kissing him on his cheeks for his birthday. He did notlike it. So the best picture on his first birthday is him pushing "our kisses away". 🙂

  1. Where did you get your large lazy-susan for the kitchen table? I've been looking for one that large for ours. Looking forward to the pics of your RM. We've done this 3 times and it's wonderful!!!!

    1. We ordered that online somewhere and I wish I could remember where because several people have asked. I've tried to find email receipts, etc. with no luck. Sorry I'm not much help on that! Maybe just google "walnut lazy susan"??

  2. Happy Birthday Claire! What a gorgeous black dress she is wearing. Love it and she looks like such a lady!
    (Anxiously awaiting Max return pictures!!!!!)
    Jamie Noto

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