Claire’s first high school volleyball season has come to an end.  
And this is my favorite picture from the season πŸ™‚
All that hoopla, practices every day after school, multiple games all over the valley each week, serious bonding with a bunch of great girls, and mountains of learning are all tucked away.

…only to burrow into club tryouts this week.

No rest for the weary.  Ha!

Claire has loved being hooked at the hip to this crew:

…and her face looked like this most of the season:

And Dave and my faces looked very similar, watching her take on the same stance Max did for all those years right at that net, on the same court.  We love middle blockers πŸ™‚

Loved watching Claire’s energy on the court (above):

And off the court too πŸ™‚

Fun to sometimes have some family visitors in the bleachers with us:

Love the energy of the JV and Varsity team on the sidelines too.  See them standing behind the bench below:

Love the cheering kids on the sidelines in this pic below:

Just lots of positive energy on that court.

Oh and I love how the older teams always did the “tunnel” at the end of every Freshman match, win or lose:

(Dave and I have a little inside joke about the “tunnel” so we loved that they do that even more πŸ™‚

We had a little “closing party” at the park with the Freshman team:

And then a big whizbang party and ceremony with all teams…which I didn’t take pictures of but here are some Claire and her friends got:

Pretend this one isn’t blurry, I just like it:
Here they are with one of their coaches:

…and the main coach and his daughter:
Man, there are such good people in volleyball!
Thanks for giving us such a fun season, Claire Bear!
Love you baby!
…and love these teammates who taught you so much.

There’s so much great learning to be done in life.


  1. That is a pretty great picture! I am glad Claire had a fun season. I sure miss the days of watching my kids play high school sports. It's so nice that you have so many great pictures to remember these moments.

  2. Looking through these photos brought back so many fun memories! High school volleyball is the best! My daughter Abby played right side hitter. Those years went by way too fast! She’s in college now at BYU Hawaii.

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