Claire is head-over-heels in love with soccer right now.  

She just finished a pretty fun season.

She plays with great friends…

…and gets to play against some good friends as well 🙂

The night games were so fun to watch.

With my second child graduating from high school in a matter of weeks I’m kind of melancholy about the “ending” of things.  
There have been times in my life when I want to throw a celebration when sports seasons are over.  It’s like I can finally breathe again.  
But right here, right now, (mostly due to the fact that Elle is leaving and it’s hitting me how fleeting all these moments are), I’m cherishing it all.
Dave, Lu and I went and watched the last practice.

This season was particularly great because it’s been two seasons in a row with the same coach and almost all the same girls who I just love.

See that cute great coach in the middle?  She’s pretty awesome.

 …and these girls are too.

Next up: tryouts for club soccer in a couple weeks.  And tryouts for the junior high team next year.  
So grateful for this great little slice of life with all these great girls (and their families too).

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  1. I absolutely adore that you and your hubby (and often other kids) go and watch practice and games and really support each other.
    I still have littles at home, so I'm taking notes!! One question that crossed my mind: how do you work dinner into all the running around? Do you throw a freezer meal in before you leaveGrab something while you're out? Just trying to wrap my brain around all the running that I know I will be doing as my kids get older.

    1. Hi Jessica, I'm not Shawni but I have 5 kids of similar ages and have similar things going on. Life is super busy with 5 kids all involved in different activities. We still have family dinner with those who are around, if we are out and about I usually pack a picnice, it's cheaper and healthier than fast food. I really try to have family dinner when at all possible because I know it is super important to have that time to bond, but it is busy so we try to make it work the best we can!

    2. Love it! Thank you for your insight! And a great memory for the kids to remember family picnics as a part of dinner. Our family growing up was similar – often packing dinner or lunch rather than stop somewhere. Thank you for your insight!!

    3. Hi Jessica, it's so much easier now that the kids are bigger and we have fewer sports. I can't even remember what we did when Max was doing baseball for hours on end every week (seems like that was the longest-during-dinner-stuff). Our kids have to sometimes miss dinner on the nights when they have practices (I just try to get it done before they leave so they can have some, or save some for when they get back) but we still do dinner with the rest of them and it works. Sure there are some crazy nights where we have to grab something when we're all out too. This is kind of a rare occasion that we were all at this soccer practice.

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