We have a coloring addict at our house. Well, we actually have a few of them, but one stands out in particular since she inflicts her passion on EVERYTHING…first and foremost her thighs and large portions of the playroom and the kitchen cabinets.

A while ago when she colored a significantly large portion of the playroom blue for the third time I loved the one-sided conversation that ensued between her & Claire as Claire tried to reason with her. It went like this (picture Claire stooping down on Lu’s level, eyes right at her eye level…noses almost touchig):

“Lucy, we don’t draw on things.”

Lucy looks at her…makes a little grin.

“I know it’s really fun to color but we only color on paper.”

Lucy starts whimpering a little although I’m sure she’s not really understanding a word Claire’s saying, just the intonation in her voice.

Claire reaches over and puts her little arm around Lucy.

“I’m not mad at you, Lucy. I just want you to know these things aren’t for coloring on.”

Claire gets to work wiping off the blue (her Saturday job). I love how much these older kids adore this girl.

I don’t take away or hide the markers because you know what? A little washable marker on a few things worth a little extra development in my book.

This is Lu’s favorite position:
This is her favorite little box:
Hmmmm…so hard to decide which color to use today…
Let’s also examine the outfit we have here:
Lucy is quite particular about what she wears. She LOVES her comfy jammies and does NOT like jeans. (I don’t blame her at all for that one…when I force her into jeans she sorta reminds me of the kid on “A Christmas Story” who can’t get up when he falls down all bundled up in his snow clothes…jeans aren’t particularly great for Lu’s body type.) She also LOVES her Strawberry Shortcake nightgown that is like three sizes too small for her.

So it was about time I went and got her some comfy clothes she wouldn’t be busting out of all day. I call these her “leisure suits” and I’m a little biased, but I think she looks pretty darn cute in them. Here are a few of them:
Let’s take note of one last thing: Claire’s “leisure suit” in this picture. Love it. It was a concoction she pulled together for Elle’s latest dance/gymnastics class on Friday.

I love to see Lu running around these days. She’s making SO much progress. She’s saying so much all of a sudden and she really seems to be understanding us so much better.

I’m totally giving the switch over to comfy leisure suits the credit for the sudden jump in the learning curve…

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  1. Hi there Shawni. My name is Linsey Maxson ( was Brinkerhoff ) I accidentally found your blog through Cami Wright, thinking you were a different Shawni. I peeked at your blog, thinking you looked SO familiar, then I remembered… this sounds weird I’m sure, but I have this insanely good memory… A few months ago, you and one of your boys and your Lucy were at the phoenix security in the airport, Lucy was throwing a fit, and as my husband Ty and I watched you handle it, ( we have a 3 year old who loves to tantrum…so we GET it… ) I was so impressed with how cute and calm you were! ALso, I realized I know your family, a little I guess. Your brother would probably never remember me, but well before I was married, we got to be friends and I hung out at your parents house with he and his friend David Pabst, after a concert I did at the Assembly Hall on Temple square… putting two and two together, I also knew OF your sister Sadie when I was living in New York in 2000. Small world! I have admired your parents and their books too.What a beautiful family you have! It was fun to accidentally find your blog… ! Take care

  2. I love how sweet Claire was being to her as she was explaining. I wish I had that kind of patience!

    And the new clothes are too cute.

    Take care…

  3. I just get such a kick out of your little Lucy. I have a few artists too…and some walls to prove it. Loved Claire’s parenting…a little window into your own. Very sweet.

  4. My niece is the same way with jeans. She hates them for the most part. She comes by it honestly since her mom wouldn’t wear them until she was 8. She preferred skirts if you can imagine! I think Lucy is so cute in her comfy clothes 🙂

  5. I don't blame Lucy with not being a lover of jeans. I am the queen of coming home & throwing on jammie pants after a long day of running errands. There have been many times when my kids have come home from school & think I never got dressed that day – but really I just like to make dinner in comfy clothes!!
    She is a DOLL!

  6. I need to join in on the leisure suits bandwagon cause jeans for sure don’t work on Ellie either. I keep trying and they keep failing or falling more like it. I’m used to her bum crack constantly showing and forget that not everyone else is as used to it 🙂

  7. That girl keeps your life entertaining. She is so cute. And I am all about the leisure suits. One the sun goes down, it means time to get out of the uncomfy clothes and get on the pj bottoms or sweats. I know it’s embaressing when someone rings the door bell at 6:30 and I look like i am ready for bed…oh well comfort counts!

  8. Shawni, Claire has learned her skills from you. I can just imagine that you take that same approach when correcting the children. Thanks for the great parenting! – always kind and positive. Also, thanks for the perspective, allowing her creativity even when it creates some extra work. Thanks goodness for washable markers – not available in my day.

  9. Coloring I bet is great therapy for Lucy. And seriously…because who likes being stuffed into tight jeans? I know I don’t! I don’t think I could comfortably put Lindsay in jeans until she was at least two – it was like child abuse and cut her in half! Now skinny Kate is so cute in jeans…

  10. Love Claire’s outfit! It’s awesome! And Lucy looks darling in her new leisure suits. If only I could get away with wearing them, too. I’d be all over the comfort train!

    I also love the photos. Love that she is on the ground in the middle of the room coloring with all that sun pouring in in her. Makes me happy just looking at them.

  11. Leisure suits are the best. I call them “hoodie” outfits and half of my wardrobe is them. Why not be cute and comfy all day??? You’re a great mom and I am glad she is making progress. My Sam didn’t say a word (or understand any either) at age 2 and we have the speech therapists, evaluators etc. kinda like you do it sounds and you know what? He will be 4 in April and I can just about call him normal. He has made leaps and bounds and I bet it will be the same for Lucy too…especially with you for a mom!

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