Today is the day that “I’m Speaking!” on “Get Organized HQ” over HERE. There’s even a little guest appearance from the girls AND Dave at the end. Ha! Come join me on a “tour” of all our goal books, including some old vintage ones from when Dave and I were first married and also these puppies that we keep in our family:

…filled with all kinds of stuff like this:

They include sections on “dreams,” “ten-year-goals,” five-year-goals,” “one-year-goals,” “one-month-goals” and I give you a little “tour” of a couple of them and how so many of the things my big kids have “dreamed” about over the years have come true.

Here’s a little shot of Lucy’s goals at one point this year:

Ha! That thing makes me happy because she is not exactly known for her “flexibility” but you know what? Having that goal this past summer I think really, really helped that sweet girl of mine!

Here’s the one Dave and I kept as newly-married young kids:

(I give you a little tour in my session.)

And I introduce this “spiritual creation” book that I’ve kept for many years with notes from interviews with my kids, notes from our lunch dates, trying to figure out our family motto, etc.:

An example of what’s inside:

Of course, we don’t have control of our future. But I’m a firm believer in dreaming. And that if we write down those dreams they are so much more likely to come true.

I have to say that I’m pretty inspired to clean out my whole house from some of the sessions I’ve been able to catch at “Get Organized HQ!” We’re getting to work this weekend!

These sessions are FREE and if you haven’t registered yet there’s still time! If you’ve missed some of the sessions and you still want to listen you can still get the “all access pass” (an upgrade from the “free” giving you all access) for a cheaper price before the end of the day.

So come on over and join me HERE today (or click the link in your email if you’re already signed up)…I’d love to hear what you think about dream books.


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  1. I loved your talk. It was fun to hear the kids, too. I like how you focus on the dreams and keep revising them as you go through life. I’m looking forward to doing this with my hubby.

  2. Thank you for sharing all the examples. I almost didn’t listen because I thought it might be about interpreting dreams (the kind you have while you sleep)! I’m so glad I gave it a chance and now I have a new blogger to follow.

  3. I echo Vicki sentiments. I almost skipped your talk but am so glad I listened. I’m recently retired and at a crossroads in my life. I’ve been working on designing the life and person I want to be now that I don’t have my exhausting stressful job. Using your dream goal book idea I think will help me bring my thoughts together and I will be able to focus on what is important. I’ve always just gone with the flow and just managed without real direction. I can’t afford to do that any longer. I want to live with intention. It’s never too late to change. Thank you so much for your presentation!

  4. I love the idea of your dream books. Could you tell us a little more about how you set them up, when you do them, do you do them all at the same time or more one-on-one with each child, and the topics or areas that you use as guidelines for your goals? Do you discuss as you write, or does everyone work on their own privately? Do you revise all goals monthly, or just some of them? Writing goals on paper is powerful and I’d like to implement in my own family, but I feel like a framework would make the process easier. Thank you for the video!

    1. Yes I’ll have to do a more detailed post because this is something pretty close to my heart. The goal is to work on these books the first Sunday of each month, but it does NOT happen that much. Maybe every six months? Everyone works on their own individually, but I do try to go over the goals my kids set and see how I can help them. But really, the thing that I love the most is that they write descriptions of themselves in five or ten years. I love not only to have them think through what they want to be and do, but I love to see what they’re thinking and think how I can help. You’re right, writing down dreams and goals on paper really is a powerful process!

  5. Hi ! I also almost passed up your session . And I am so thrilled that I didn’t pass it up !!! There is a quote that means a lot to me – Don’t think about the years you have lost think about the years you have ahead and live your dream ! . {Not sure if it’s original so won’t attach a name in case it’s not from that person } . You instilled the fact that no matter the age or season we still have goals and dreams we can accomplish . Your session was very informative and ideas are already formulating about my dream binder. I do have a question? Was the book your Dad set up a course and if so is it possible to get. I tend to work better when things are pretty structured and that seemed like it was. If not I will use the helpful information you provided to set my book up. There were so many Great speakers and due to limited free time in my day to day I had to choose who’s blog and post I would like to read when possible and yours is one that made the cut and I know I will benefit from it greatly . I am glad I didn’t miss you!! Keep up the good work and Thank you for your willingness to share and participate in the conference !! Blessings

    1. Great question about whether it was a course. I think originally he thought of doing a course, that’s why he got those pages all printed out. But he just printed out a small quantity all those years ago. I’ll have to ask what ever happened with that. I’m so glad you didn’t pass up my session! xoxo

  6. Shawni your dad was ahead of his time in these goals, especially with the churches new youth program coming out. Spiritual, physical, emotional….
    Tonight for FHE we watched your video and set some of our own goals. It was fun to listen to my 11 year old and her goals. Now if I can get my 14 yr old to be serious about this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE goals. I set them as a kid but got away from them as life got so busy but we are ready to go again. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. I’m so glad you liked it! And so fun to watch for FHE:) And HA on the 14-year-old! It may take some time but it’s so worth it!

  7. Wow!!! We need to see all this when we are there next! Sounds like you’ took a good idea and made it spectacular! We need to see this session! I’ll be in touch in Hawaii.

  8. Hello! Nice to meet you via Let’s Get Organized HQ. I so enjoyed your wisdom of the big picture tonight and your vision of how to make dreams happen. Thank you!

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