My house is quiet. Everyone’s in bed…even Dave. Here I sit trying to do something productive with the minutes before I should head to bed too…before all too soon the alarm will go off and it’s the race to get the kids ready for school, practicing done, lunches packed, hair done, breakfast made and cleared, and watch my three oldest kids strap on their backpacks, give me a kiss, and head out to the bus stop together. I like to watch them walk, not hand in hand, but as close as you can get to that, heads cocked toward each other as they talk about who- knows-what on their block walk to the bus stop.

I just rocked Lucy to sleep. She was the latest one up, playing by herself in the kitchen while I cleaned up the last of the day’s mess. She’s started crying when I put her to bed since we got back from Utah, and tonight a little water in the bottle didn’t calm her so I went and rocked her in the rocking chair. I haven’t done that in a while and I forgot how much I adore hearing her breathe on my shoulder…contented and peaceful. That was my very favorite thing when she was a newborn. Now she’s suddenly not a little bundle on my shoulder like she was ten months ago, but I still love listening to her breathe in my ear. She’s the chunkiest, cutest darn thing. And although I miss that newborn stage, and my heart aches with an empty spot each time I come to grips with the fact that she’s my last, it’s somehow peaceful and ok, and I’m somehow complete knowing that she’s here…that they’re here…five perfect “babies” that brighten my every day.

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  1. Thanks so much for your post, I really enjoyed it, I felt as though we were having conversation as I read through your thoughts. What I really enjoyed about it is the nice reminder to enjoy those small and little moments. Especially with one child, it’s so easy to get caught up on just about everything awaiting every new step in their lives with anticipation thinking it will be better when they hit that stage! Fact off the matter is, I can’t wait for Hallie to talk in full so she can tell me why she gets so frustrated, but at the same time, when that time actually comes, I’m sure I’ll want her to be quiet again!! Thanks for the great reminder. Love you-

  2. Beautiful Shawn. You are an excellent writer.
    Yes, I am keeping my camera on manual. How much do you use photoshop to correct your photos? I had to do a few corrections on the Ella pics. I really want to learn how to get it right the first time in the camera.
    I’m glad you can see the pics from the last posting now. I had to redo them. Love ya!

  3. You’re a beautiful writer. It must run in the family. They grow us so fast don’t they? I really LOVE knowing all about your family. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  4. You’re a beautiful writer. It must run in the family. They grow us so fast don’t they? I really LOVE knowing all about your family. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  5. I loved reading your post…actually all of your posts and understand so well the feelings of being a Mother. Your thoughts about trying to find balance with your kids is a never-ending battle with me as well. Seriously, we will probably figure it out when we are too old for anyone to listen to our wisdom.
    But one thing I do know for sure and that is that you are a fabulous MOM and that your kids are lucky to have you.

  6. i LOVED reading that post. i still can’t believe how fast parker has grown up, and though he will never fall asleep on my shoulder anymore there is nothing better than “loves” from him, especially when he’s all bathed and ready for “night night.” and reading that made me SO excited for this little girl to be born. i can’t wait to have a little one to snuggle and cuddle with again. thanks for making me think about those things.

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