After a month of “bad hair days” I got compulsive, made an appointment with the first hairdresser who would take me at such short notice, and got my hair chopped off. I haven’t had my hair this short since jr. high (that blasted haircut that was written in infamy in my mind ever after…it caused two days of crying in mourning over my lost hair). This time around there’s been no mourning…yet. We’ll see after I wash it. I needed a change and I needed it bad. Wow it feels different.So for FHE everyone decided they wanted haircuts.
Claire wanted one like mine, and Dave wanted one like Max’s. And Dave and I had to beg Elle to let me chop off her chlorine saturated ends.
Too bad Claire’s holding up Elle’s so you can’t see it, Grace begged to be the photographer so you can’t see hers, and Lu missed out on it all together, but there you have it, a family with haircuts.


  1. i love it, i think you have encouraged me to do something with mine!! i’ll let you know check my blog out for pix….oh and i have started a new blog just for my one daughter, in hopes that one day she will pick it up herself and tell her own story of God’s amazing grace and healing power! check it out at

  2. You are gorgeous with long or short hair!! I do love the new look. It’s a perfect cut.

    I also love that everyone else wanted a new do too. I just use the Flowbee on my boys. While it looks so funny, it does a great job every time!


    Love the short hair. You just convinced me. I am getting a haircut next week and have been going back and forth whether I wanted it shorter or not. We;ll see if I wimp out!

  4. oh my gosh I LOVE IT! shawni you look so beautiful. i’m a short hair fan (you could probably tell:))and it looks so amazing on you.

  5. I LOVE IT. My hair was that short about 3 years ago. It si long now, but I have been wanting to cut it again. This just gave me some incentive. It looks adorable on you. And our family looks to nice and clean cut.

  6. Shawni I love it! You look so cute! You could pull of anything though! You even went shorter than I thought you were going to. Love it! I always debate every time I get my hair done! I should just go for it and try something new. Change is good! The whole fam looks great!

  7. Short is a good look for you Shawn. I’m the opposite. I’ve had short hair for too long, it’s time for a change. Too bad it’s not a split second decision to grow your hair out. Enjoy the change.

  8. Your hair looks so great. I try a short cut every time I am pregnant and it NEVER looks good. I’ve made my husband sign a contract that he will do whatever it takes to stop me from cutting my hair short again, because I regret it milliseconds later! I’m stuck with long hair whether I like it or not…but maybe one day I’ll get compulsive when he’s not around and end up with a great new do like you did!

  9. I love love love it! It’s never really real that all the hair is gone till you shampoo it the first time…

    Can’t wait to see it in real life.

  10. Oh my gosh it is so cute Shawni!!!!
    You look great with short hair! WIsh I could get away with it but don’t think it would look as good….it would feel good to not wear a pony tail everyday!
    The whole family is darling!

  11. Are you kidding me?!? How cute are you and your family!! I am loving all the hair-cuts. Shawni, I LOVE short hair on you!! I have such lame hair so I can’t do a darn thing with it but YOU are so beautiful in every way. You could buzz your hair off and still look stunning!!

    Oh, I am taking my parents MAC back home to AZ so maybe this Fall we can take some classes together at the Apple store …

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I’m not kidding. I’m hoping your loving it too. Especially if it was one of my recommendations that did it!! I’m so glad it turned out so well!! Welcome to the short hair club!

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I’m not kidding. I’m hoping your loving it too. Especially if it was one of my recommendations that did it!! I’m so glad it turned out so well!! Welcome to the short hair club!

  14. Shawni- its Kelee Moon…I just want to be the 27th person to tell you how cute your hair is!! You always look great no matter if your hair is long or short! Have a great time on your vacation!

  15. You are so beautiful it would’nt matter if you got your hair cut like Max too!I love your new do! I love that you all cut your hair for FHE What a night to remember! And what a handsom bunch!

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