We are in full swing of General Conference over here and I LOVE this weekend! My favorite talks so far were Elder Holland and Jorge M. Alvarado (click on those names to hear them). Oh so good! I didn’t get to hear all of the talks so I’m sure I’ll have more favorites once I do…Conference is the best. So much beauty in all the new things announced yesterday, especially the new Young Women’s theme that I love so much! It was announced in this talk (another favorite from yesterday).

Click HERE if you want to join in on the next session coming up in just over an hour.

Happy Sunday!


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  1. I love the new YWs theme! I love how it went from ‘ we’ to ‘ I’. I think I going to adopt it as my own theme too!
    I was a little surprised that with as many changes there was with the youth program that they didn’t change up the ‘ for strength of Youth’ booklet. It’s been awhile. I think it always becomes a hot topic right around prom/grad/hoco with the working if not showing shoulders, and not using special occasions to dress immodestly etc.. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. I am so torn, I just think modesty is so much more than a hem line or an inch of your shoulder not been covered !

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