Since I’m not doing photography on a regular basis anymore I’m so darn slow at posting pictures of those I had scheduled before I “quit.”

So here are a couple different shoots.

First there’s this extended family. I usually decline extended family shoots…I just like to do the smaller families mostly so I can shoot the kids…that’s my favorite. But I couldn’t turn down this friend…love her. We worked in YW together years ago and she’s one of the sweetest people I know.And it was fun to meet her family…her kids and their kids.This little boy has a few little special needs, so I especially loved photographing him, and trying to capture the love his parents obviously had for him.

And I couldn’t resist snapping a shot as they were trying to make the three grandsons smile.

Then there was the “P” family. And the great thing about them is that Mrs. “P” happens to be Grace’s teacher. Boy howdy was Grace ever excited about that one!

I loved this shoot because as I was driving to our photoshoot destination it started sprinkling.

Then raining.

Then pouring.

What do you know…the weather forecast was wrong in the desert.

I mean, can you blame them when all they usually have to say is “blue skies and sunny again” over and over every day?

Well, they were wrong this day. But it was kind of serendipitous because man oh man we had a fun shoot.

The rain was intermittent throughout, but it was kind of fun to get creative through it, and we even got a full-on rainbow at the end.

We did a few senior shots for their graduating son:

I just hope my kids will genuinely “like” each other like these kids seemed to when they’re all teenagers. They had such a great spirit about them all.

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  1. I don’t know why, this just made me cry! It’s so great to see families progress and become teenagers, then young adults, then young parents and even old parents! Loved the shot with the parents trying to get the kids to smile. That is always the best picture!

  2. I love, love, love our pictures Shawni! What a beautiful reminder that when the rain and storms of life come… my family is always there to help me weather those storms and see the rainbow that follows.

  3. I've just started reading your blog. A friend of mine told me about the Lucy Project. I was reading through some of your posts and what do you know??? I find this family…I know this family! 🙂 They use to be in our ward before they moved out towards higley. 🙂 Small world!! They are an AMAZING group of people! Your photography is GORGEOUS and your tips are wonderful. Thank you for helping us beggingers with a few simple tips and tricks. 🙂

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