After all that time the girls and I spent on the road over the summer, we were pretty glad to have Dave with us to drive home.  
And these kids of ours were over-the-moon that that drive included a stop to visit these cousins (Dave’s sister’s family).
In the “olden days” I would get a picture in order from height every time these guys stayed with us in the desert:

…and I’ve forgotten the last few times but we sure adore this family.

They make life a party when they’re around.

 We hung around talking and playing games:

 …slept over and then headed to BYU to see our big girls the next day.

I LOVE love love love that these two cousins got to be roommates for that summer up there:

They were such a great match for each other and had such a great time.
And I love that all these adoring siblings were so excited to hang with them in their domain for a day:

 We went swimming at the Provo Rec.:

We went to visit Elle’s work…where as we drove up there was a big billboard with her picture on it:
(She modeled for a company called “Called to Surf” and it’s a pretty great place.)

We used up some of her credit on her meal plan to get ourselves some pretty delicious ice cream at the creamery:

 Grace ran into some of her best high school friends who were all up there for volleyball camp:

And then we bid goodbye and headed on home.

That summer goes down on the record books for our family as the one with most road miles traveled.  Most beautiful sights that made our hearts throb.  Most heart-wrenching missing of Max & Elle. …and most gratitude for.  Because as our kids keep growing up and spreading our wings we realize just how precious all this time together is.

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