When I say we went on a scuba diving trip to Cozumel let’s just let it be known that this wasn’t just your ordinary “sit-in-the-sun-and-hop-in-for-an-aesthetically-pleasing-pleasure-dive-once-while-you’re-here” kinda trip.


This was a trip where we were with serious divers. This was a “twice-a-day-down-to-108-feet-deep” kinda dive trip. (Although I wish this was all my photography work, I must say I don’t have an underwater camera gosh darn it.
All these underwater pictures are all thanks to Del and Steve…thanks guys!)

And to be honest, although we did do this last year with just as much diving, (I knew exactly what I was in for), after the first dive I figured I was actually more one of the “one-dive-sit-in-the-sun-the-rest-of-the-time” kind of girl.

These were my thoughts on the first dive pretty much fifteen minutes after we checked into our hotel:

Man I LOVE this! I love this gorgeous world down here. And I love that I remember how to equalize and all that junk after being “off” for a year. Check out all that beautiful coral and wow, a turtle. This is awesome.

Hmmm. Wait. We’re down to 50 feet. Let’s stay here.

Wait. We’re at 80 feet. This is too deep. I think my mask is going to get kicked off and I’ll have NO idea how to fix it.

Ok, 83 feet is way too deep. (while hyperventilating)…I’ve got to stay calm. There are literally TONS of water on top of me and I’m way the heck down here and I’m freezing and I think dives should only really be 20 minutes instead of 45.

Yep, it was a tough one.

But I’ll tell you what, I changed my mind as soon as we surfaced, and I was ready for the entourage of dives we had planned.

I love that amazing world down there.
I mean, who wouldn’t want to swim with a turtle?
Or see the water from this angle?
I LOVE the bubbles. I think they’re so beautiful and peaceful as you’re checking out the wonder of what happens in the amazing underwater world.We saw like four of these big suckers.

We did another night dive like we did last year, but this year they dropped us at the right place and it was amazing. At one point we all turned off our flashlights and saw all the glow-in-the-dark stuff down there in the pitch black. Dave and I loved it.
On our last dive the plan was to do this dive called “Devil’s Throat.” Yeah, scary. It was supposedly straight down this black tunnel barely big enough for you and your gear and you’d come out at 135 feet deep. We actually didn’t find the right spot (luckily for Jen and I who didn’t think that sounded all that fun) but we did go so deep through the coolest huge, majestic underwater caverns. It was amazing…probably my favorite dive.This is an awesome picture Steve took with one of the turtles. I want an underwater camera. I think I wouldn’t have been as freaked out on that first dive if I had my camera strapped over my shoulder capturing things down there. I was so thankful Steve and Del had theirs.
And yes, we did get some good soak in the sun time too:
Enough to make sure I didn’t go home without my huge sun-induced cold sore. Ouch. It still hurts.

We met a few of these guys around the grounds where we were staying.

And I became a parasailer. (Dave opted out this time…he did it on our honeymoon.)
So cool to be so high above the water right after being so far below.
Fellow parasailers.
We rented scooters again and headed around the island. I know, this one’s cheesy. But hey, it was Valentine’s Day.

Del had his amazing wide-angle lens (thanks for these, Del):

I just brought my little point-and-shoot, but I experimented a little with the macro setting.

I just love looking at the little details of plants. There’s something just so amazing and breathtaking about how God created it all.

And clouds from an airplane are pretty darn cool too:

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  1. beautiful! ( don’t remember how I found your blog but I enjoy reading it) We went to Cozumel last April and stayed at the same place ( at least all the pics look the same) The Occidental?
    Loved it. Did you happen to snorkel right off the beach and see the resident Barricuda!? He was huge!

  2. Whatever it is you guys are doing… you are doing it right. You seem to have everything balanced perfectly. Family, Personal time, and time for you and your husband. So many can learn from you! I love your pictures. We are taking all of our munchies on a Mexican Riveria cruise so we will be parasailing and hopefully other fun things like your pictures!!!

  3. Love it! We went on a “couple friends trip” (sans kids of course) 6 months ago and I will never forget it. We are also really into scuba diving. Glad you had fun!

  4. Wow — these photos are amazing… I can’t believe you actually got down that far — it makes me scared just thinking about it. Looks like a beautiful trip.

    BTW, yes I have two blogs but you found the same one twice… just trying to change the look a little.

    Keep the photos coming!

  5. You captured some great shots! I am so glad that you and Del were on our trip, or I wouldn’t have any great photos to remember it by.
    We had such a fun time with you guys! We look forward to Aspen Grove with the whole family.

  6. No wonder it took a little while to get your post done because you were busy working for the tourism ministry creating their official travel brochures. Breathtaking.

  7. Wow!! Just looking at those pictures make me feel like I’m right there having that adventure. I would probably have been thinking the same thing as you about the deep diving, but what a cool thing to experience! The pictures are absolutely breathtaking – man I need a tropical vacation. 🙂

  8. Amazing pictures. You are so awesome that you scuba. I don’t know but for some reason I just can’t seem to do it. I am not sure if it all the heavy equipment, or the deep waters or possible sharsk that scare me. Maybe I should get over myself and just try it ones of these times.

  9. These pictures are just unbelievable! What a photographer Del is! BUT how you get that stuff posted and do all those creative colleges is just incredible! Felt like we were almost there…sans the warmth of the sun!

  10. So so so jealous!! The water is AMAZING! And you are very brave to go down that deep. I would be the one freaking out and swimming to the top as fast as I could! Love all your pictures!

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