A couple weekends ago as the sky was turning dark Lucy remembered it was the “Under the Sea Daddy/Daughter Dance.”  She didn’t think there was any chance she’d be lucky enough to get to go to that thing, but Dave swooped in and told her she better get dressed up because he was taking her on that date.

The way her eyes sparkled at that news was the best thing ever, and she got dressed speedy quick and played some Little Mermaid songs as she practiced through some pretty awesome dance moves.

There was pure delight in both their eyes when they came home to tell me about it.

Good dads rock the world.

I wonder how soon these kids will come to the raw realization that they get the best of the best.

Love that guy forever.


  1. "Good Dad's rock the world." AMEN!!!
    So glad your children have such a good dad! I wish every kid in the world could have a dad who cares like that. Such sweet photos. -Lisa

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